Here are some of our favourite words...

616                               Denotative meaning: it's a room in our hotel in Disneyland.  Conotative
                                      meaning: Annoying preteens running around making too much noise.

Dudesicle                   Denotative:  part man, part popsicle.  Conotative: Whoa!! 1.  "Look at
                                      that! Dudesicle!"

Flux n. (fluks)                Denotative meaning:  Continuous movement; continual change  Conotative
                                       meaning:  Simply a really perverted sounding word.

Hero (hir’o, he’ro)         1. A man distinguished for exceptional courage, fortitude, slapshot or bold
                                       enterprise.  2. One idealized for superior qualities or deed of any kind.  3.
                                       The principal male character in a drama, fictional work, hockey team, etc.
                                       4. In classical mythology and legend, a man of great nobility or physical
                                       prowess, often son of a god and a mortal girl named Jennie.  5. Antonym
                                       of Mike Keenan. 6. Trevor Linden!

Moving furniture    Denotative:  rearranging housal units.  Conotative:  something Ashlee claims
                                      she does with her boyfriend

Starvacious                Denotative:  none really.  Conotative:  REALLY hungry. Just a bit more
                                       hungry than Starvin' Marvin'.

Starvin' Marvin       Denotative:  skinny ethiopian kid on South Park.  Conotative: really hungry.
                                       1. Dudesicle, I'm starvin' Marvin

Torque v. (tork)            Denotative meaning:  The tendency to rotate. Conotative meaning:   Didja
                                       torque 'er yet?