With one trade, Brian Burke took away two of our greatest loves...  Fortunately, Dave's kicking some bum in Long Island.  Atleast he's getting an opportunity to play there!!  One of the many reasons we love Dave so much is all the charity work that he does.  Unfortunately with doing such good things comes hard times.  Every year you hear about how Dave has befriended another terminally ill young boy.  The stories always bring you to tears, as each time it takes it's toll on Dave, but he stays strong, and continues to do it.  He know just how lucky he is to be happy and healthy, and he knows how lucky he is to have this gift.  What more could a young boy ask than to play computer hockey with someone who's actually IN the game?  What a guy!
Here, in memory of Dave, is a recap of our favourite moment with him...

Last year at the Canucks carnival, Jodi, Jennie and Pam spent the greater part of a day with Dave.  We all helped out at the photo booth where Dave and Corey Hirsch were stationed.  Dave was absolutely hilarious, and is even a little scary. He was pretty raunchy.  Here's a joke he told us.  When it was lunch time, he said "I'm going to make like a good Catholic and pull out." *opinions expressed are those of Dave Scatchard and are not necessarily shared by the owners of this web site, even though we do think that he's funny.  If you object to this joke, lighten up, it's just a joke.Dave also told us what his plan for the Canucks would be.  Although he likes the team colours, he thinks that all the players should be allowed to design their own logos.  The way the Canucks are playing now, they'd all have pussy cats on their jerseys! You may also notice that this writing is pink and that Dave's name is written in purple.  There's a reason for this.  First of all, at the carnival, Dave was joking around saying he was going to wear a pink thong under his tear-aways when they did their strip tease dance number.  He didn't.  Darn.  Finally, there's a really funny picture of Dave in one of the Ice Age magazines in which he's wearing a purple sweatshirt.  We found this amusing.  And that's where the colours for this profile come from!