Ed is another family man.  He has a beautiful wife and two daughters, Kylie and Kyra.  We don't like calling him Ed, though.  Eddie Jo, Jovo and Jovocop are our favourite nicknames for him.  Ed just sounds so, blunt. Ed.  Eddie Jo! It's much more fun!  Anyways, Eddie was the major factor in the big Pavel Bure trade.  He's a VERY strong and physical defenceman, but is not that big of a guy!  Sure he's tall, he's 6'2", but we met him at the Air Canada golf Championship, and couldn't get over how SKINNY he was!  But man can he give some BIG hits!  Look out, here comes freight train Ed! Interesting fact about Jovo: He didn't start playing hockey until he was 11! But was the 1st overall pick by the Panthers when he was 18.  Wow!! In his rookie season the Panthers went all the way to the Stanley Cup finals, and Eddie led Florida defencemen with nine points in 22 playoff games.  We'd love to see him make it to the Stanley Cup finals again, this time with our team, but maybe taking home a Cup this time!  Jovo played for Team Canada at the Olympics this year, helping them bring back the Gold.  Congratulations Eddie!