"Goodbye Mark"
To the tune of the Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl". So long Grandpa!
Messier and Leetch were the best of friends,
All through their Ranger days,
Both members of the New York club,
Both active in the NHLPA.

After '97, Leetch got the 'C'
When Mark became a mover,
Mark looked all around this world
And ended up in Vancouver.

Right away Messier took the 'C' from Trevor, on a late night in Tokyo
He broke all of our hearts, took over the part
And it didn't take us long to decide,
That Mark had to go!!!

Goodbye Mark!
Those black rubber pucks, they felt alright to me, Mark!
You growin' mold?  Sounds like you're getting old, Mark!
You're bald, so Grandpa's what you're called, Mark!

Sather came by to bring Mark back,
He threw him offers high and low,
Then he tipped his cigar and said "Thank you Burkie,
If we sign him we'll let ya know".

Well the weeks went by and spring turned to summer
And summer faded into the fall,
And it turns out Mark signed a 2-year deal
With the Rangers after all.

So Burke got some players from '94 back from the East Coast,
We've got Trevor and Bret and Kirk McLean,
So raise your glasses to a big toast,
Cause Mark had to go!!

Good bye Mark!
We need a drink...  let's go out to the rink, Mark!
Well pack your stuff, ain't life so tough, Mark?
Well is that alright? Good, why don't you run and hide, Mark!