Bit of a handsome fella!

Without sounding too desperate or obsessive, please take a moment to revel in the wonderfulness that is Jason.  Funny, charismatic, and well, darn good-looking, Jason is one of the most popular Canucks, both with his teammates, and the booster club girls.  After only 139 tries, Jason scored his first goal on February 29, 2000.  Jason's other claim to fame is his weekly radio appearances on CFOX.  He usually makes his appearances on non-game days mid-week between 2 and 3 in the afternoon.  Occasionally he even brings along a guest like his mom Doris!  Doris must have done a good job because he is one of the nicest and most modest hockey players we have ever met; and we love that little laugh.  Check out JasonStrudwick.ca for all the information you could ever ask for. For instance, did you know his favourite subject in school was Social Studies?  It's all Struds, all the time!
Finally, to paraphrase a very wise man, "We like his style!"