"Jason's Got His 1st Goal"
        to the tune of The Wilkinsons' "Jimmy's Got a Girlfriend"
He's all fired up,
Celebrating for the first time.
His blue teeth showing,
In game one hundred and thirty-nine,

There ain't no doubt he's gonna make it,
Got a record, he'll go break it..
Listen how the whole team's talking,
They're all saying...

Jason's got his first goal,
Shot it through the 5-hole,               
You'll see it on the H.O.N.our roll,
Jason's got his 1st goal!

note: The goal wasn't ACTUALLY scored through the 5-hole, 
        it just rhymed nicely... It was a beuatiful over the shoulder shot!

       Also, in case you don't watch TSN's Sportsdesk, the H.O.N.our
        roll stands for "Highlight Of the Night" roll.