* This section will be dedicated to the roster moves and off the diamond news of the Jays organization.

The birds are chirping, the sun is starting to shine, and it's baseball time again.  Check back all through the season for updates on the Blue Jays progress and off the diamond information.

04/15/02 - Play Ball!
    The Season's underway, and the Jays are playing pretty good.  They started off well, winning 3 in a row.  Then they went on to lost 5 straight... But they put together a few wins again and are now back above .500.  With regulars Alex Gonzales, Brad Fullmer and Billy Koch traded in the off-season, their are a bunch of new faces in the Jays line-up.  So far so good, we'll just have to hope our pitching improves...

We're a little distracted with hockey right now, as the Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full force, so we apologize for the lack of updates.  Once the playoffs are over well try and be more consistent!