If you're having soup for dinner, or any meal for that matter, make sure you invite Matt (as long as its NOT carmalized onion!)  And if you need help picking out a video, give Matt a call, he's seen them all, thanks to his road roommate Peter "Let's-order-room-service-and-watch-a-movie" Schaefer (especially "classics" like Top Gun, Cocktail and any Adam Sandler movie - but leave out Star Wars).  We had the opportunity to chat with Matt at a Booster Club Players dinner, where we learned a lot of interesting tidbits about him.  For instance signed a contract with the Leafs before being drafted by the Canucks, and he took a course on the history of sport at Windsor University. Matt is a very dedicated player, seen by the numerous time he's gotten sticks in his face. That boy has had more stitches... He's among the NHL leaders in hits, and was named one of the most hated players in the NHL.  And that's a good thing when he's on your team!  According to Andrew Cassels, Matt is a great leader in the locker room, so hopefully, we'll see him in a Canucks uniform for many years to come.