"McLean, the Canucks Goalie"
This is a song that was written by one of our friends, Jenn, during the Canucks run to the Stanley Cup. It's to the tune of  "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer".  They have reindeer in Sweden. That's just a side note!!!
You know Adams and Bure and Courntall and Linden!
Hunter and Ronning and Lumme and Craven.

But do you recall the most famous Canuck of them all?

McLean, the Canucks Goalie,
Stopped about a million shots!
Took them to the Stanley Cup!
We should all thank him a lot!

All of his other teammates,
Are proud of the work he's done.
They'll never let him forget,
All of the games he's won.

Then one rainy day in June,
Pat Quinn said to him,
"McLean, all I have to say,
Is you will bring us the Stanley Cup today!"

As the seventh game gets near,
The fans are shouting out with glee,
"Hey, you Captain Kirk McLean,
You'll go down in History!"

"You'll go down in HIS - TOR - IE!"