Although we've never met Mike, I (Jodi) think he's really cute!  And I'm sure he's a really nice guy too.  He's a very good player who was never drafted.  The Leafs we're just smart and they signed him out of Bowling Green University in the States (where he got a degree in business and finance. Smart boy!).  Rumors are the Canucks were even interested in him when he was signed by the Leafs.  Doh! That would have been VERY nice! Here's my favourite fact about Mike: he had a late growth spurt by growing 10 inches in height after grade 11.  Wow! He's only 6'2 now, so he must have only been 5'4 until grade 11! I betcha he was called Little Mickey! Or atleast that's what I would have called him... But now he's Cutie Patoutie Mike!