A necessity on any hockey page are pictures of your favorite players. In our case, that can be summed up in two words: Trevor Linden.  In our world, he is the hockey god.  But just for the sake of  variety, we'll be including other players too!  Just click on the link to see the pictures!

A.C.C. NHL Pro-Am 2001  NEW!
A.C.C. NHL Pro-Am 2000
Booster Dinner
Pictures from the Canucks Skills competition December '99
Pictures from the Air Canada Championship in August '99
Trevor Linden signing autographs after an Islanders' practice.
Trevor Linden at a public appearance a few years ago.
Trevor Linden returns home on March 19th, 1999, but in the wrong uniform.
Trevor Linden signing autographs at the first Canucks Carnival.
Trevor "the Great's" locker as a Canuck
Trevor, Kirk, Pavel, Smyl in black and white at the first Carnival in '96
Brendan Morrison during the pre-game skate
Brendan and Jason Strudwick during the pre-game skate
Mattias Ohlund during a pre-game skate (our favorite part of the game!)
Billy Muckalt after a recent Canucks' practice.
Billy Muckalt during the pregame skate vs Florida
Jason Strudwick after a Canucks' practice.
Jason Strudwick during the pregame skate at a pre-season game vs Toronto
Jason again at the Toronto game
Jason Strudwick squaring off against Martin Lapointe in a recent game at GM Place
Jason during the pregame skate vs Chicago
Jason during the pregame skate vs Dallas
Markus Naslund during the pre-game skate.
Strudwick, Robertsson, Muckalt, McCabe and Scatchard at the Carnival
Bret Hedican doing an interview before the Canucks/Panthers game Nov.5/99

**Coming Soon: A Picture taken the day that the Canucks re-sign Trevor Linden!!!

Here's a picture of Mattias from his team in Sweden ( not our own pic but cute)
WALLPAPER!!!  Here's a very yummy collage, featuring our Canuck boys

Pictures of us:
Pam wearing "her husband's" jersey
Jodi wearing her "husband's" jersey
Jodi looking a little scary, and very excited, after getting a Jason Strudwick stick for her birthday
 or click here for a close up of the stick without Jodi
A picture of Pam and Jodi that ran in papers nationally after Trevor was traded
Jennie and her favourite "Towel!!"
Jodi, Pam and Jennie (in that order) at Trevor Linden's homecoming on March 19th, 1999
Here's Jennie, Pam and Jodi (in that order) on a recent trip to Universal Studios, CA.
Jodi, Pam and Jennie at school (Simon Fraser University)
Pam and Jodi attempt to strangle their least favorite people (it's over a year old).

*Note: These are some pictures that we have taken at various events.  If you have any interest in using any of these images, please contact us for permission.