This is a collection of quirky songs we've written about the Vancouver Canucks. Please DO NOT take them seriously or take offense at any the lyrics as they are simply our psychotic ramblings that are a result of lack of sleep due to exams and WAY too much sugar. Enjoy!

"Score on Hasek One More Time" NEW!!
"Goodbye Mark"
"The Fun Way"
Full Selection of Jason Strudwick Songs
"Offense in a Bottle"
"Billy, Billy"
"Mambo #5"
"When you Score"
"The Carnival Brunch"
"We want that Cup"
"Pretty Fine"
"Oh Baby"
"The Carnival Song"
"Whose Boots Have Been Under my Bed?"
"I Want to Live"
"The Boy of my Dreams"
"Trevor's Song"
"Spice Boys"
"McLean, the Canucks Goalie" (1994)