"Step By Step"
        (the Jason Strudwick song)
to the tune of the New Kids On the Block hit "Step by Step."
                           SHUT UP! We don't care if you don't like it!
Step by Step, Ooh Jason
Thatís how youíre gonna get your first goal
Step by Step, oh yeah
You know you even look like Noel!

Hey Jason, on Long Isle
You played with Trevor and it, made you smile
And Jason, youíre so tough
When you fought Gino you looked really rough!

Step by Step, oh Jason
Your cousins are so cool
Step by Step, oh yeah
When you are jammin you make all the girls drool!

Step by Step, ooh baby
Jammin Jason is your name
Step by Step, oh yeah
You are headed for the hall of fame!

Step one, itíd be nice if we won!
Step two, we would like to meet you!
Step three, if you could just see me!
Step four, Iíd like to see you score!
Step five, donít you think that your time has arrived?

    NOTE:   1) We think Jason looks kinda like Noel from the show Felicity.

                  2) Rob and Scott Niedermayer (also NHL players) are his cousins

                  3) According to Ryan Walter, Jason kicks ass at basketball!