Broken Bryan
                        by Alissa
Well my story isn't as cool as the ones already on the site, but here it is anyway. In July, the Canucks were having a prospects mini camp at Burnaby 8 Rinks, and I just had to check this out, considering Bryan Allen was going to be there. Well, as luck goes, he broke his foot, and he couldn't play, but I  went anyway. I was standing at one end of the rink watching the guys and taking pictures, when I noticed a very tall blond guy standing way over by the dressing room entrance by the benches. I decided that this had to be Bryan, so I slowly made my way over to the bench, and talked to the canucks photographer lady, who was really nice by the way. She gave me a monopod thingy, like a tripod with only one leg, for my camera. Anyway I decided to walk up to Bryan and ask him to sign my Canucks media guide. But just as I was about to, he walked over to where I was sitting (at the end of the players bench) with a bunch of reporters with TV cameras. So they taped the interview right ! beside where I was sitting. He was wearing a cast on his foot. He had really cool pants, these dark green cargos. Anyway, when they finished the interview, I asked him to sign my book. He asked what my name was, and I told him, and how to spell it too. But he still almost spelled it wrong. He almost put two "L"s, so the "i" looks abnormally long. This happens often to me, by the way. No one can spell or pronounce my name. He was really nice and really cute too. And to top off this interesting day, me getting an autogrpah from Bryan Allen ended up being on the news on two different channels. Kind of embarrassing, but oh well.