Billy at the Carnival   
                            by Jen

It was the Canuck Carnival, and for the first year, me and my friend Michelle were actually going to go and meet all the players, since our favorite Canuck, Bret Hedican was no longer with the team. While on the floor collecting autographs, I happened to glance up to the autograph booth where Bill Muckalt was...all alone. I felt bad there was no one up there getting his autograph, so Michelle and I decided to go "rescue" him=) We bought our ticket, and by the time we got there, there were a few people waiting to meet him. When it was my turn I went to take a picture of him, but just then the Canucks photo guy sorta fell off the ledge he was sitting on, back into one of the suites, causing everyone to start laughing at him. Bill turns back to me and I went to take a picture...and he goes "Did I say you could do that?" with a sorta smile on his face. I didn't know if he was joking or not at first, but then I realized he was and I put on my best pouty face and said I felt bad blinding all the guys with the flash. He leans in a little closer to me     and sorta says quietly to me, "You know...if you really felt bad, you wouldn't be doing it then!". I laughed and replied "Well then I don't feel bad!". He signed my flag, then I went down the stairs and turned to see Michelle get her autograph. As she was leaving, she asked if she could take one of the cards (there were a bunch of already autographed oversize hockey cards the players had on hand for people who had nothing to get autographed). He said sure, and she went to get 2 (one for me, one for her) but a few were stuck together, and he goes "God, how many do you need?" laughing. I seriously had to bite my tongue to stop from saying "I don't see anyone else taking them!". She told him one was for me, and he was like, OK cool. After that, I total thought he was one of the funniest (and cutest!) new favorite=)