Formal Name: Kingdom of Sweden
 Local Name: Sverige
Local Formal Name: Konungariket Sverige
 Capital City: Stockholm
Main Cities: Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala
 Population: 8,733,000
Area [sq.km]: 449,960
Currency: 1 Swedish krona = 100 öre
Main Languages: Swedish
Main Religions: Lutheran Protestant

You may be wondering, "what's with all this Swedish stuff?"  Well, we love Sweden and all it's boys!  So we thought, why not learn a little bit more about where our boys are from?   This section will teach you a little about Sweden, and few Swedish sayings that may come in handy if (and when) you ever meet Mattias, Bert, Daniel, Henrik, Markus...

note: We know nothing about Swedish grammar so this probably makes no sense... But if you happen to be Swedish and are willing to edit this section, please email us!

"Will you marry me?" - Skola du gifte sig mig?                  [sk'o:la] [du:] [j'if:ter_sej] [mej:]
"How you doin'?" (ala Joey on Friends) - Hej på dig!         [hej:] [på:] [dej:]
"Let's go, eh?" -  Ska vi dra?                                             [ska:] [vi:] [dra:r]
"Mickey Mouse" - Mousse Pigg                                        Mattias? Do you know? We just saw it on Pop up video!
"Thank you" - tack
"hush, hush and let me hold you and let me love you!" - tysta     We just read this from a romance novel...
" For god's sake" - for gud skull?
"Mattias is very cute and sexy" - Mattias finns pur gullig och sexig
"Bert will sign a contract with the Canucks" - Bert ska teckna ett avtal med de Canucks