"We want that Cup"

During the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals, a local radio station, Z95.3, redid George Michael's hit "I want your Sex."  This is an imagination song. While singing it, imagine that Dallas is in the Eastern Conference, Mark Messier was traded to the Dallas Stars for Joe Nieuwendyk and that Trevor Linden was re-signed by the Canucks, or else it does not make sense!

There's teams that are good, and teams that are great
Some players you love, and some you love to hate.
The Russian Rockets gone, and Davey is here
The Stars all wanna catch him! But they can't when they fall like Brett Hull!

They say Hatcher's ugly and Verbeek looks inbred
And check out the size of Mark Messier's head.
We've waited so long it's our 29th year,
Now Mike Keenan's crying cause he's no longer here!

We want that cup! We want that cup!
Gonna get that cup! We want that.... Cup!

We came back and burned the Flames, Avanlanche melted too,
The Stars should take note, the Blues are golfing in St.Lou.
Vancouver fans rule, we wanna see those rings
Dallas Texas fans think they're prettier, but big hair doesn't mean everything!
You know in OT Billy will breakaway
Shoot high in the corner what will Belfour say? (Ah Crap!)
Watch LINDEN and Naslund now Ohlund and McCabe
When they get the job done we'll all yell Ya Babe!

We want that cup! Woohoo! We want that cup! Woohoo!
Gonna get that cup! Wooohooo! We want that... Cup....
Cccccome on Canucks!!