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Located on the West Coast.    We've Been Manufacturing Solar Scoreboards Since 1995.

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Design Engineer : John Barnes
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Yellowknife N.W.T.
Inside the Arctic Circle

Cloverdale, BC ( 2 scoreboards )              San Jose, California                            Chicago, Illinois         

A Short List of Our Installations

Yellowknife, NWT - Ottawa, Ontario  - Mississauga, Ontario - Surrey, BC - Spring Creek, NV - Colchester, Conn- Leland, IL - Regina, Sask -  Chesapeake, VA - Washington, DC
 - Comox, BC -
Victoria, BC - Greeley, CO - 29 Palms, CA - Calgary, AB - White Rock, BC - Centreville, VA - Livingston, CA - Vancouver, BC -  Langley, BC and more .....

Hand-Held Radio Controller (600 feet)

Our custom 5 Watt Solar Panel next to 18" Solar Digit.

Hidden Solar Panel on top of Scoreboard.
Vandal proof.

Reasons For Buying Our Scoreboard Over Our Competitors

* Competitor's electric scoreboards ($4,000 - $9,200) + Installation ($2,500 .. digging a trench and laying wiring conduit) = $6,500 - $11,700
* Their scoreboards and radio controllers have to remain fixed and can not be moved, once they're installed.
* They use 120 times more power than our scoreboards.

* Solar Score ($5,995) No trench, No wiring conduit, Runs on 2 watts of free solar power with battery backup = $5,995
* Scoreboard and radio controller are mobile (No wires).
* The umpire or anyone in the stands can use the portable radio controller up to 600 feet.
* All components are modular and easy to replace.
* Digits can be seen clearly in any light conditions.


Whalley Park, Surrey


Cloverdale, British Columbia 

Nanaimo Park, BC
Mount Seymour, North Vancouver

Solar Powered - Radio Controlled
No Wires To Connect - Operates Day and Night - Battery Backup - Permanent or Portable
Environmentally Friendly - Smart (Green Energy) Solution
Uses less than 2 WATTS of free energy to operate.
Will stay charged continuously if left out in the smallest amount of sunlight.

Solar Scoreboard with Radio Remote
Sunburst Series I Home 0-19  Inning 1-9  Guest 0-19   Ball 1-3   Strike 1-2   Out 1-2  
Sunburst Series II  Home 0-99  Inning 1-9  Guest 0-99   Ball 1-3   Strike 1-2   Out 1-2 
2 Year Limited *Warranty - Two Years Parts - Two Years Labor - On Site Warranty Extra
Our New Sunburst Series II has more features to offer :
AC Charger for the Hand-Held Controller  - Brighter Digits - Lexan Protective Covers -
Hidden Solar Panels - Faster Response
US / Canadian / International Orders  FOB Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Taxes/duties (if applicable) are extra.
* Power Modules and Remote Controller have their Manufacturer's Warranty (One Year)

Solar Score®

Solar Digits

13" and 18" Digits 
Our digits operate with a 12 volt pulse of 1/1000th of a second. Each element in the digit has a retention memory built in, to hold the number in place even when the power is removed.
The hand-held controller has a range of 600 feet and will run continuously for 12 hours on a one hour charge. 

The Benefits of Purchasing This Solar Scoreboard

- Less expensive than scoreboards with fewer features.
- Solar Powered. ( free charged energy )
- Operates on a 150 mA. (1.8 watts @ 12 volts DC)
- Runs in the day or evening.
- Radio Controlled. ( US and Canada approved )
- Anyone on or off the field can control the scoreboard.
- Easily installed on an optional trailer.
- Extremely light. (165 lb.)
- Can simply be taken down for winter storage.
- No lights to replace.
- Digits are rated at millions of activations.
- Can be repaired with only a screwdriver.
- Installed in 10 minutes. No wires or fixed controller to setup. Most other competitors' scoreboards cost $2,000 to $3,000 for installation. Ours is basically free to install if you have two posts to hang it from.

- Solar powered (stored charge).
- 12' long by 5' high by 3" deep.
- 13" and 18" digits.
- Hand-held radio controller (Range: 600 feet).
- The permanent weighs 165 lb.

Optional running clock for sports that are timed.
As fast as you hang the permanent from two posts it's ready to be used (5 to 10 minutes). No electrical or controller wires to install. The mobile is instantly ready for use right on the trailer.

The bright yellow reflective numerals are mounted on a black contrast background. This enhances the clarity of the numbers so they can be read easily in various levels of light. At the heart of the system is a microprocessing unit (MPU). The hand-held radio controller is encoded to work only with the scoreboard it comes with, which means you can have more than one scoreboard in your park at a time. 

Warranty and Maintenance

The complete system comes with a two year parts warranty. The Sunburst models are made of aluminum, covered with a weatherproof baked on paint. The mobile is mounted on a trailer ready to be attached to your vehicle and taken anywhere. The digit panels are made from ABS plastic with a high impact protective clear front. With only four active components to the scoreboard (digit panels, solar panel, controller unit, and hand-held radio controller), replacing parts is a snap. Just remove four bolts and insert the new panel or controller unit. You will find this product very easy to maintain.


Future Savings
Based on a ten year period, the average old style scoreboard's operating cost with it's
maintenance, light replacement and electrical consumption would be approximately $3,100.
A scoreboard from Solar Score in the same ten year period would cost approximately $100.
The other thing to consider is the vandalism problem in most parks.
The Solar Score can be stored away if needed and this does
away with any possible damage.

Charlotte, North Carolina


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