Some Ubuntu Freebies
Here are some toys that may be of interest to Ubuntu users.

Plymouth Splash Themes
In the early days of computing, starting up the machine filled your screen with lines and lines of gibberish that was of
little use to the typical end user. It was simply something that had to be endured until the machine was ready to use.
But a means was eventually devised to hide such screen 'noise' and now animated 'splash themes' with branding and
logos and startup progress indication have become the norm. It has also become relatively easy to entertain oneself
with a 'custom' splash theme during those few seconds before the computer is ready for use, and again at shutdown.
Here are the few that I have devised:

Atom    Force    Atom + Force    Atom 2    Fanboy    Ubuntu Rain    Gort    Thingamabob    Home    Orb    Plasma    Slice    Lite

Other splash themes can be found at websites such as Gnome-Look.org.

(Users booting from SSDs should waste no time with these themes, since duration will be too short to be appreciated.)

Rocking Hoss Linux
Rocking Hoss Linux is a hobby OS that is big on themes and theme management. It is a remix of the normal edition of
MakuluLinux Xfce 9 which is an excellent distro based on Ubuntu 14.04. Rocking Hoss derives from a few months
of getting carried away with theming and scripting in bash. After the dust settled it was decided that it might appeal to others.

View the preview in full screen at highest resolution.

Readme          32bit Download          64bit Download

The livecd installation password is: password

PLEASE NOTE: In 64bit Rocking Hoss Linux the 'Change Boot Splash' menu option
fails to display all choices. You can apply a patch if you wish to correct this issue.

Site last updated: January 27, 2016