Victoria, BC




·        fours years of experience as a software tester;

·        experience in mechanical assembly and the testing of electronic components;

·        five years experience owning and operating a small business;

·        17 years in retail sales and customer service;

·        experience in shipping and receiving;

·        enthusiastic and responsible, able to develop good relationships with clients;

·        able to express ideas and information quickly and accurately;

·        enjoy working as a team member or independently.



Computer Skills

·        experience as a software tester;

·        used and trained staff in the operation of Bizware, an industry-specific inventory accounting program for gas stations/convenience stores;

·        experience in using databases;

·        make extensive use of Microsoft Word 2000 for writing projects

·        have working knowledge of Windows 95/98/Me/XP, Windows Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Pagemaker 6.5 and FrontPage 2002.


Customer Relations and Retail Experience

·        17 years experience dealing with the public and providing customer service;

·        owned and operated two Chevron gas station/convenience stores for five years;

·        17 years of POS experience and related “on duty” activities – superb customer relations selling, stocking, cleaning;

·        one summer of retail agricultural sales for Double Joy Farms.


Business Management and Other Skills

·        experience in “clean room” procedures (Cromedica Rx, JDS Uniphase);

·        experience in researching and cross-checking facts and information (Disney Interactive);

·        experience working in an office environment (Cromedica Rx, Disney Interactive Victoria, Wellington Insurance);

·        hired and trained staff in all areas of gas station/ convenience store operations, including customer service and relations, safety procedures, cash register operations, POS procedures (credit card, debit cards, handling cash etc.), shift opening and closing procedures (Tillicum Chevron Self Serve and Sooke Chevron Town Pantry);

·        managed stock inventory control, including ordering, shipping, receiving, reconciliation  (JDS Uniphase, Cromedica Rx, Tillicum Chevron Self Serve, Sooke Chevron Town Pantry, Double Joy Farms);

·        managed and performed payroll, banking and accounting duties (Tillicum Chevron Self Serve, Sooke Chevron Town Pantry);

·        implemented and monitored safety procedures and regulations, and ensured compliance of all environmental and industry regulations (JDS Uniphase, Cromedica Rx, Tillicum Chevron Self Serve, Sooke Chevron Town Pantry).




1999 – 2003                Software Tester                         Disney Interactive Victoria

                                                                                          (through Placement Group  413-3111)

                                                                                          (Darren Keetly)


2000 – 2001                Production Operator                 JDS Uniphase



1999                           shipper/ receiver                        Cromedica Rx

                                    inventory clerk                            250-382-2776

                                    office assistant                                   


1998                            Sales Representative              Double Joy Farms

                                                                                        (Paula Johanson – 780-961-2373)


1993-1998                   Owner/Operator                      Chevron Town Pantry



1992; 1993                  File Clerk                                 Wellington Insurance

                                                                                        (now named ING-Western Union Insurance;250-385-0866)


1991-1993                   Assistant Manger                   Lansdowne Chevron Self Serve


1981-1991                   cashier/Assistant Manager   Austy’s Chevron Self Serve





Karl Johanson              Assistant Lead Tester, Disney Interactive Victoria


Darren Keetley            Senior Tester, Disney Interactive Victoria




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