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Welcoming the Newest kid on the Deep Cove Block

-an article for the January 2004 Deep Cove Crier

Welcoming the Newest kid on the Deep Cove Block

Recently I met a Deep Cove newcomer Sean Graham at the Lazy Bay Café, one of his favorite haunts.  Having lived in Deep Cove/Seymour for the past 17 years and written for the Deep Cove Crier for the past 16 years, it is a privilege to welcome the newest kid on the Deep Cove block: Pastor Sean Graham and the one-year-old (as of Feb 1st 2004) Cove Community Church.  Cove Community Church, who meet at Seycove Community School, already has its own website up and running at . 

With around 170 people already attending their 10am Sunday morning service, there is a great sense of enthusiasm about their future together. As the Rector of St. Simon’s Deep Cove and co-leader of the North Shore Pastors’ Prayer Fellowship, I rejoice at the gift of this new congregation in our community.  I believe that CCC is truly an encouraging answer to tens of thousands of prayers that have gone up in the past several decades for more vibrant congregations to be raised up on the North Shore.  CCC is a satellite church plant from the vibrant North Shore Alliance Church.  I have great respect for the Christian & Missionary Alliance movement , which was founded by a Canadian, AB Simpson whom I wrote about in the 1996 Deep Cove Crier . 

Sean and his wife BJ, who live in Deep Cove, have two children.  They moved here from Coquitlam a year & a half ago.  Sean most recently served as Youth Pastor at Coquitlam Alliance Church, after training at Canadian Bible College for four years.  Sean has fallen in love with the Deep Cove/Seymour area and hopes to be able to make a real difference in our community. 

Last February, Cove Community Church came into existence.  Their vision is to be “An Authentic community where everyone belongs, revealing hope in Jesus Christ, courageously, becoming better neighbours.”  What does Cove Community Church look like anyways?  CCC has six Simple Values that reflect their basic belief that life is quirky and messy.  They value authenticity, humility, grace, revelation and mystery, process, and creativity:  Cove Community Church does not see itself as a Sunday morning Church.  They are committed to living out these values all week long.  Sunday mornings they gather to celebrate what God did all week long.

Cove Kids Church is an age-appropriate program for pre-school through grade 6 as well as a nursery available through each service.  Cove Kids Church is  full of fun, song, crafts and bible teaching.  For the older kids, there is a chance to learn of God’s work around the world as we look at some of our Missionary families.

Cove Community Churches emphasizes the importance of their ‘2nd Side Groups’ (small groups, cell groups, call whatever you like) which are bi-weekly small groups of people who are committed to firstly, sharing the hope that is found in Jesus to our world, and secondly loving one another.  2nd Side Groups focus on sincerely caring for each other and their community.  As the CCC website puts it, “When we let others know who we truly are, our joy and sorrow, our defeat and our victory, something amazing happens. We begin to feel less alone and more connected to a larger whole. There is nothing that you are going through that has not touched someone else.  The beauty of being part of the family of God is that God has put something inside of you to pour into and strengthen others.  In the same way others will strengthen you, as you trust yourself to a group.  You, as part of the body of Christ, are very important and you have a specific part to play.”

One of the great hi-tech features of CCC is that their Sunday messages can be accessed online at  I encourage you to dial in and lurk for a while.  You won’t be disappointed.

The Reverend Ed Hird

Rector, St. Simon’s North Vancouver

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