Face the Giants

Facing the Giants at Easter

-an article for the April 2007 Deep Cove Crier

Facing the Giants at Easter

By Rev. Ed Hird+

-an article for the April 2007 Deep Cove Crier


Some of my greatest joys and greatest disappointments have been movies that I have  watched with my three sons and wife.  Recently we watched Charles Dickens’ classic ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’, a brilliant movie about how family inheritances can devastate family relationships.  I was so inspired that I am currently reading the ‘Chuzzlewit’ book in order to pick up all the subtleties that movies leave out.  Sometimes though our family is deeply disappointed by a particular movie and  regrets the investment of our time and/or money.


One rental movie that did not disappoint us this week was ‘Facing the Giants’ by Alex Kendrick. We laughed, wept, and quietly reflected on how one person can make a profound difference in the lives of an emerging generation.  The movie is about a football coach, his wife and his team, all of whom have to face giants of fear and failure. Grant Taylor, the head football coach at Shiloh Academy, faces some overwhelming giants in his own life. His best player moves away to another school, the boys’ fathers want him sacked, and his GP diagnoses him as unable to have children.  Most of us can relate to feeling like a failure at one time or another.  Coach Taylor set his goals beyond mere success to following God.


One of the greatest miracles was how the movie made it to the big screen. With a $100,000 budget, only six weeks of shooting time, and one rented camera, the film made it as high as number 14 in weekend box office earnings. To date, “Facing the Giants” has made over more than 10 Million dollars.  Part of that breakthrough was that Sony, through its Samuel Goldwyn Films, unexpectedly decided to give this movie national coverage.  Brandon Gray, the president and publisher of Box Office Mojo, commented that it is rare for an independently made, non-studio movie to open at more than 100 theaters -- while "Giants" opened on 441 screens.


The two most gripping parts of the movie are probably the ‘death crawl’ sequence and the championship game.  Our 20th Annual Renewal Mission speaker, the Rev. David Rich+, showed us the "Death Crawl" sequence in Sunday morning worship.  Coach Taylor had his top player carry a man on his back while blindfolded. The turn-around in their football season came from this act of giving one’s all.  As Lord Baden Powell, founder of Scouting, taught, we can called to D.O.B. (Do Our Best). The ‘Facing the Giants’ movie teaches that when we choose to do our very best, God will do the impossible.


Alex Kendrick, the producer and writer, puts it this way: “(...) we worship the God of the impossible. I truly believe that God can do anything. He’s certainly not a genie in a lamp. It’s the part where you get to the point that you say, ‘God, I’m in a situation here, and I fully believe that you can give us a solution or do a miracle. But if you choose not to, then I’m going to worship you anyway.”


Jesus, as he was going to the Cross on Good Friday, faced the giants in the Garden of Gesthemane.  He didn’t hold back but gave his all for us on that old rugged cross.  Because Jesus destroyed the ‘Giants’ of death, fear, guilt, and shame on Easter Sunday, we too can live as over-comers.  Christ is Risen Indeed...

The Easter Tomb


The Reverend Ed Hird

Rector, St. Simon’s Church North Vancouver, BC

Anglican Coalition in Canada



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