Sandra Crawford

Deep Cove Cancer Survivor: Sandra Crawford

an article for theNovember 2009 Deep Cove Crier 


Struck by cancer, Sandra Crawford, a born-and-bred Deep Cove/Dollarton resident, never let it defeat her. In this very succinct and transparent book, she explains from the beginning of the journey till the end what it is like to go through all the emotional and physical experiences of breast cancer. By reading this remarkable book, friends and family can better understand the different stages of this journey.


One of her tools for defeating cancer was to keep a daily journal in which she recorded her thoughts, feelings, and prayers.  This journal later proved invaluable in writing her remarkable book ‘In the Arms of My Beloved: A Journey through Breast Cancer’*. 


Cancer is devastating not only to the person but to the family.  It was helpful to read and understand how much someone with cancer needs encouragement from their loved ones.  Sandra’s way of writing motivates you to want to come alongside her and be one of her cheerleaders.  It made us want to be more caring as a friend and family member to those who are hurting.


Sandra writes: “In my small village of Deep Cove, we see many rainbows in the spring.  Carrying on the tradition of my mum, whenever I see one, I run to the window to take in the wonder of God’s beauty...”  Deep Cove rainbows represented for Sandra victory over cancer.



The suggestions for those going through treatment were very practical. Her down-to-earth way of describing chemotherapy and radiation treatment gave the reader an understanding of what cancer patients really go through.  It also removes much of the fear and mystery that surrounds this often taboo area.


Dr. Ruth Demian, MD, commented: "Throughout her journey with breast cancer, Sandra has refused to stay down or be embittered, but has overcome every challenge with faith, courage and determination.  Her inspiring story offers hope and practical wisdom to those who are walking through difficult times, especially when faced with serious or life threatening illnesses."


Sandra is a fighter.  She never let cancer defeat her and steal her reason to live.  Her sense of humour even in the midst of great challenges was inspiring.  Her humour reminded us of her late mother Jackie Crawford.  As a young girl, Sandra often sat on the floor of her mother’s office, pecking out cheerful letters to “Mummy” on an old Underwood typewriter. Coming from a long line of letter writers, she soon demonstrated a natural ability to lift even the saddest heart with a simple note of encouragement or a heart-felt poem.



Pastor Lina Gabeli commented: “As you read the pages of this book, you will be strengthened in your faith and fall more in love with Jesus, knowing that with God all things are possible when you believe in His promises and appropriate His word. This is a must read for everyone who is facing sickness or a personal crisis."



‘In the Arms of My Beloved’ can be purchased through Sign of the Fish bookshop in North Vancouver, or ordered online.  We give thanks to God for raising up Sandra Crawford to give hope to others facing cancer.

 The Rev. Ed & Janice Hird

St. Simon’s North Vancouver, Anglican Coalition in Canada                                                                     

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