Honey, I Love You

Deep Cove Crier May, 1990
It has been said that "The task of Motherhood in this day and age is challenging and rewarding beyond measure. It requires a special blend of love and authority, not to mention unyielding commitment and plenty of hard work" (Focus on the family). With motherhood being such a challenging task, ii is more important than ever that husbands specially affirm their wives in that vital but underrated work. Mother's Day on the 2nd Sunday of each year is an annual reminder to the mothers of our children of this bottom line message: "Honey, I love you" "Honey, I love you." (or equivalent) is an expression that their mothering is backed up by a partner who really cares for them. Ephesians 5:33 teaches that "each one must love his wife as he loves himself' Love, especially romantic love, is one of the deepest needs of today's mothers in a frantic4 often lonely world. I believe that God sends husbands to earth precisely to meet that need in a woman's heart.

Mr. Fixit
One of the greatest obstacles to really loving our wives is the tendency of men to want to fix everything. We so often want to solve all our problems logically, orderly and immediately. That may work in the business world, but it rarely works in the world of relationships. What our wives want from us as husbands is not so much the ability to solve all their problems, but rather the willingness to really listen, to really lay aside our agendas and just "be there" The Bible says that we "should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry" Intensive listening is a fundamental way of saying "Honey, I love you" on Mother's Day.

The 8 most important words in a marriage
Paddy Ducklow, a counsellor and Pastor, said recently that the 8 most important words in a marriage are "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. It's my fault" He suggested that every couple memorize these 8 words, (even if they never plan to use them). Those 8 words are one more way of saying on Mother's Day "Honey, I love you".

My Mother's Day prayer for those moms reading this article is that many moms may feel loved by their husbands in a way that they have never before experienced, that the mothers of our children may feel listened to and cared for not only on  the 2nd Sunday of May, but all year round. May every day be a mother's day.

          The Reverend Ed Hird
          Rector, St. Simon's Anglican Church

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