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Christmas for Families 

At age 17, 1 met some friends who had a joy and inner peace that really attracted me to them, Christmas still excited them. I asked them: "Why?" They told me they were excited about a child in a manger.


Happy Valentine's Day

Love however can be fickle, so by the time of our dance, one of my "best friends" had taken my girlfriend and squeezed me out of the picture. It was a disappointing end to Valentine's day 1967! 


Easter Eggs and Easter Stories

Why this obsession with eggs at Easter? The reason is because eggs hold the germ of new life. Easter represents new life through Jesus' resurrection. So naturally eggs became the perfect symbol of new life and resurrection for the Christian world.


April Showers

Being at the foot of a mountain, April showers at the Cove are a drenching, sopping, full immersion experience. And I love it!! I love the rain, the sprinkle, the drizzle, the showers. Why??? 


Happy Mother's Day

Thank God for Mothers! No computer, no microchip, no hi-tech invention can ever replace that very special person in a child's life: MOM!


Father's Day

A young father-to-be was pacing back and forth, wringing his hands in the hospital corridor while his wife was in labor.


Summer Sunshine

Most of us are sun worshippers at heart (even with the threat of skin cancer, or worse).


The Miracle of  A.A.

Back in the 1930's, all medical doctors agreed that Alcoholism was incurable.  Then along came A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous), a self-help group of recovering alcoholics who had discovered a way to stop. 


Merry Christmas

Searching for the historical Santa Many years later I was surprised to discover that "yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus" History tells us that there was a real, live Santa Clatis or St. Nicholas in the country of Turkey during the early 4th Century. St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra.


Love Your Neighbour

Suddenly I lived in a city where no one knew their neighbours, where French and English rarely spoke to each other, where wealth and success swallowed up all the time people used to have for their neighbours.


Forgive and Forget

The famous public speaker Charles Spurgeon once said: "Forgive and Forget. When you bury a mad dog, don't leave his tail above the ground:' If you are like me, you were taught as a little child by your parents to say you were sorry when you hurt people and forgive when they hurt you


Amazing Grace At Easter

A violent storm was the turning point in John Newton's life. Motherless at age 6 and sent to sea on his 11th birthday, he soon became a teenage rebel. He was press-ganged into the Navy and flogged for desertion. Newton became involved with the African Slave Trade and came close to starvation while living in extreme poverty in Sierra Leone.


Honey, I Love You

It has been said that "The task of Motherhood in this day and age is challenging and rewarding beyond measure. It requires a special blend of love and authority, not to mention unyielding commitment and plenty of hard work" (Focus on the family).


Honour Your Father

Legal experts will tell you that virtually every legal principle in Canada can he traced back to the Judaeo Christian ethic embodied in the Ten Commandments. Polls tell us that most Canadians still believe in  the Ten Commandments.


Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Most of us in today's society have been raised to deeply value freedom of choice. Some people tend to, live as if there should be no limits whatsoever to their freedoms and choices. Where does one's freedoms end in a democratic society?


Harvest Thanksgiving

In the old days farmers waited anxiously for a good harvest, knowing that their very future depended on it. Crop failure could mean poverty or even starvation.


Busyness: A Blessing Or A Curse ??

I was working 1416 hours a day on major papers and loving it. The only trouble was that I was too busy for my family and never noticed. Only years later did I fully realize how I had robbed my family of vital time that we needed to spend together. 


Christmas Carolling

We were an unlikely bunch to be Christmas Carolling. My best friend was a self-processed atheist from a family of atheists ' my other two friends were Jewish, and I was a lapsed Anglican who skied on Sundays at Mount Seymour.



Why is it often so hard for our children to forgive each other? Why is it often so hard for spouses to truly forgive each other?


My Will Be Done

The only thing worse than not getting your own way is actually getting it! Being both successful and miserable is one of life's worst curses.


Our Daily Bread

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Work as if you were to live 100 years, pray as if you were to die tomorrow."


Panorama Park At Sunrise

Everywhere I look from Panorama Park, my eyes are pierced by trees, a ring of unending trees like a green cocoon that encircles and protects Deep Cove from the intrusions of that other world. There is a stillness about Deep Cove that grips me and will not let go.


Marriage Encounter

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half shut afterwards". It has also been said that marriages are made in heaven, but we are responsible for the maintenance work.


Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus

I left that conversation, saddened that a boy could be so excited over Christmas presents, without even knowing whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas. When I was a child, even the Public Schools could openly celebrate the beautiful story of the birth of the baby Jesus.


Lord Baden-Powell: 
Trail Blazer

. . . Baden-Powell trail, named in honour of one of the greatest ‘trailblazers’ of the 20th century.  Baden-Powell blazed many new trails in the areas of physical education, character-building, spiritual growth for youth, and peace-making.


C.S. Lewis: Lover of Nature

Perhaps one of the most famous and versatile 20th century English writers has been the Oxford, and then Cambridge, scholar: C.S. Lewis. 


The Joy of Grumbling

Grumbling can become so compulsive that we actually begin to get a certain "joy" from it. But grumbling always ends up destroying the very things we most want out of life.


What’s So Special About Mothers?

Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May is a well-established tradition going back to Miss Anne Jarvis of Philadelphia in 1907.  During May 1997, on the anniversary of her mother’s death, she arranged for a special service in her church.


Fathers Are Especially Special

Why are Dads so significant in each of our lives? Dads are significant, because they represent the world beyond, the unknown beyond the mother's arms, the halfway house from childhood to adulthood.


Prayer Really Changes Things

The story is told of two men, Harry and Stan, who have known each other for some time.  Harry has fallen upon hard times and has come to his old friend asking for some help. 


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Dean Inge once said that worry is interest paid on trouble before it is due. Another person said that "worry, like a rocking chair, will give you something to do, but it won't get you there."


Good King Wenceslas

One of the best loved Christmas Carols is the 129-year-old carol: Good King Wenceslas.  In 1853, John Mason Neale chose Wenceslas as the subject for a children’s song to exemplify generosity.


The Love Affair

When Michael recovered, he asked God why He had saved him and what God wanted him to do. The reply came something like this: "I want you to learn how to love people the same way as I do."


Olave Baden Powell: Mother Of Millions

One of the most loved and fondly remembered women of the 20th century is Olave Baden Powell, founder of the worldwide Guiding movement. Girls and young women today often have few healthy models on which to base their life.


Saltshakers And Light Bulbs

One crash seemed to shake the earth underneath, but he made a petition short and to the point: "0 Lord, if it is all the same to you, give us a little more light and a little less noise."


Rediscovering Handel's Messiah

Beethoven once said: "Handel was the greatest composer that ever lived.  I would uncover my head, and kneel before his tomb."  King George III called Handel "the Shakespeare of Music." 


Thanks Mom

As I think about Mother’s Day, I remember times as a teenager when I felt confused and discouraged about life, and you were there to listen.


Memories of Dad

Father's Day each June is a time when most of us look back on those special memories of times with our Dads. 


A River Runs Through it

It’s hard to find a really good movie that the whole family can watch together, without exploitive sexuality and violence.


The Flagship of Love

The famous Vancouver based author Dr. J.1. Packer once commented that "marriage, being the most delicate and demanding of relationships, as well as potentially the most delightful, is a terribly difficult topic on which to write wisely and well."


Craig Johnston --Good Samaritan

So often people like Craig quietly do their work largely behind the scenes.  But how often do we express our appreciation for the fine job that they are doing?


Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

One of the most well-known children's songs throughout the world is "Jesus loves me, this I know."  Somehow that song, like "Amazing Grace", forms part of the spiritual memory banks of most adults. 


 Hark The Herald Angels Sing!

There is something about the Christmas season that starts you singing.  Many people hardly ever sing in public.


Healing Through Medicine and Prayer

I had always enjoyed public speaking. Suddenly every second or third word would be choked off as I spoke.


Lord and Lady Baden Powell: Character Builders

As I was taking our three sons toboganning up Mount Seymour, I saw the Baden-Powell Trail, and was reminded again of the lasting impact that the Baden-Powells have on our society.


Why Me? - When bad things happen to good people

Have you ever heard of someone described as having the patience of Job? The person referred to is often either the long suffering wife of an alcoholic or the mother of a large family of nonstop high energy boys.


Is God Really Religious??

"Who ever told you that God is religious? Spirituality is not about religion. It is about relationship!"


Mothers Are Irreplaceable

I am convinced that there is one position in life that can never be replaced by advances in technology: the position of mother. Think of your own mother for a moment.


Stability of the Father’s Hand

Mother's Day is relatively easy for most people to celebrate. Father's Day is often filled with much more ambivalence and ambiguity.


The Importance of Being Open-minded

In our culture, the very mention of spirituality may cause people to quickly change the subject to discussing something safer like sports or gardening.


Neighbours Who Care 

One of the saddest inventions to me was the invention of the automatic garage door opener. Even though it is a great back-saver, it has also resulted in even less community interaction within our neighbourhoods. 


Mosaic Madness 

Our major institutions - the media, the school, government, and even religion - have been saying less and less about better and best possibilities. 


Ken Bell: Part Two 

When many people think of youth, the first that comes to mind is the tragic increase in senseless violence and destruction. Violence seems to be the continual message that young people are hearing about how to really enjoy your life. 


Deep Cove To Honduras... 

Three long-term Deep Cove/Seymour residents just came back from a very memorable trip to Honduras in Central America. 


STAR TREK: People are Searching . . .

Over the Christmas holidays, my eldest son James and I did a little bit of "male bonding" by going together to watch the latest Star Trek movie: STAR TREK: GENERATIONS. 


Baden-Powell: Nature-Lover 

Baden-Powell, the founder of the world-wide Scouting movement, preferred to learn his lessons from nature rather from a classroom. 


Psalm 23: Why Is It Still So Popular?? 

Again and again when people from the Seymour/Deep Cove area are buried through St. Simon's, their family asks for Psalm 23. 


Who Stole The Easter Corpse? 

No, the Easter Bunny wasn't murdered...I'm referring to that other side of Easter that often is missed in the midst of all the Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and Easter bonnets. 


Motherhood & Apple Pie 

Mother's Day 1995 stirred up a favourite memory from my childhood: going on the Horseshoe Bay Ferry over to the Sunshine Coast, where my Grandma always served us freshly baked, hot apple pie. 


In Search Of The Father 

In this fatherless age, when many children are raised without a dad, the hunger for the Father seems to be increasing, rather than decreasing. 



Our American neighbours just below the border take July 4th very seriously, singing "The Stars and Stripes Forever" with great gusto, and boldly waving the American flag. When Canada Day (July let) comes around, our response Is much more ambivalent and muted.


Youth off to Mexico

It is near impossible to open a paper, listen to the radio or watch the T.V. without hearing horrible stories about what young people are doing.



Mexico - not what we imagined

Walking down the alley ways of the camps, was like something out of a World Vision video. Row after row of corrugated metal shacks measuring about 10 x 10, the size of most of our bedrooms, were home for 5  10 people.


Attitude of Gratitude

Pecos Higgins was born on the Gulf Coast of Texas in 1883. At age 6, some of his associates got him "dog drunk". While still small, he began to work on cattle ranches up and down the Pecos River.


Canada And Reconciliation 

Time's main article was about that curious northern neighbour: Canada. There seems to be a new fascination in the American media about why Canada seems to be so determined to self-destruct. 


B.P. & Churchill: Soulmates 

In thinking about Lord Baden Powell, I was struck by the unexpected similarities between Baden Powell and Winston Churchill. Both, for example, came into international recognition through their miraculous escapes and bravery in the South African Boer War. 


Canada Needs Another Churchill

More than ever before, Canada needs strong leaders with clear vision. Canada needs another Winston Churchill.


Sir George Williams & The YMCA 

As Canadians, however, we seem to suffer from nation-wide amnesia regarding much of our heritage and roots. 


A.B. Simpson: A Canadian Hero 

Simpson is an unsung Canadian hero who has had a remarkable lasting impact on millions of families not only in Canada, but throughout the world. 


Can Anything Good Come Out Of Toronto? 

And yet ironically, the nickname "Toronto The Good" points to a side of Toronto that has largely been forgotten in the Canadian amnesia about our own heritage and roots. 


Medical Benefits Of Laughter 

Recently John Ramsey from Ottawa posted on the Internet 11 reasons why he is giving up sports once and for all: baseball in the summer, football in the fall, basketball in the winter. 


Don Quixote: Man Of La Mancha 

My car has the delightful tendency to break down, when it is most inconvenient financially and socially. 


On Guard For Thee 

Having just driven thousands of miles to and back from Disneyland, I feel more grateful than ever for this beautiful land of Canada that we live in. 


Youth - Mexico - Life

As we crossed the border from San Diego into Mexico the memories of last year flooded back for 14 members of our team, but for another 28, the memories were just beginning. It is hard to explain the feeling when you see rich America on one side of the border and people living in a shanty town on the other side.


Dr. Henry Wilson: "Big Baby Brother" 

From a Canadian perspective, Dr. Henry Wilson made an enormous contribution to modeling healthy communication between adults and children. 


O Little Town Of Bellingham . . . 

I was so excited about being a shepherd that I forgot where I was supposed to meet the rest of the cast. 


Virtual Jerusalem: A.D. 2,000 

The town leaders replied: ' Don't confuse us with religion. What we want to know is: Are you a Protestant atheist or a Catholic atheist?' 


Baden-Powell On-Line

Just a few weeks ago at the local Parkgate Shopping Centre, all of our community was reminded once again that Scouting is alive and well in our local community.


Alpha & The Archbishop Of Canterbury 

The Alpha course is a ten week practical introduction to the Christian faith. It is designed primarily for non-churchgoers and those who have recently become Christians. 


Curse God And Die 

There is a time in every life, comments Stephen Lawson, when all hell breaks loose. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. Cataclysmically 


Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants 

Few of us as men seem to have this remarkable ability that so many women possess, the ability to bear pain in redemptive and meaningful ways. 


I Know That 'Perry Mason' Liveth

Raymond William Stacy Burr was born on May 21, 1917 in New Westminster, BC. Raymond started in theatre in his late teens, as well as having other jobs to help the family and earn a living for himself. 


Making Love Last Forever 

"If you want a lasting love relationship, I highly recommend Gary Smalley's guide to forever love". 


Dr. Chuck Swindoll & 'Over-Achievers Anonymous' 

Too many adults, says Chuck, have become so serious and overly responsible that they have lost one of God's best gifts: a sense of humour. 


Men Are From Seymour, Women Are From Deep Cove 

As we are preparing to enter the third millennium, people are beginning to rediscover that as men and women, we are equal but different. 


Dr. A.W. Tozer: Wisdom To Live By

In this information age of ever-increasing data, Tozer gave us more than just more knowledge; he gave us wisdom to live by. 


Strategic Investing 

Every money decision is a life decision. As someone once said, "Measure wealth not by the things you have, but by the things you have for which you would not take money." 


Dr. Louis Pasteur: Servant Of All 

This Academy Award-winning movie showed me that every one of us in Deep Cove/Seymour owes an enormous debt to Dr. Pasteur. 


Dr. Joseph Lister: Medical Revolutionary 

One hundred and thirty years ago, almost 50% of the patients undergoing major surgery died from infection. As the famous saying went, "The operation was a success, but the patient died." 


Blessed Are The NOBEL PEACE-makers

 . . . approximately 60 to 100 million mines are still scattered throughout 69 countries.  These weapons kill or maim  a victim every 22 minutes.


Rembrandt: The Prodigal Painter

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn is one of the few men or women in history recognizable from just his first name.


Christianity: Boring, Irrelevant, and Untrue??

The man and the story behind the Alpha Course


The Dangers of Listening to Women

Most of us as men are experts on women, until we marry one.


Courageous Fathers In An Age Of Compromise

In this age of compromise, I give thanks for my own father who has not been afraid to stand up for his family and his convictions.


Letting Go and . . .

Self-centeredness is rather like bad breath or body odor.


Secrets To A Healthy Marriage...

Reflecting on what makes a marriage work, I was struck by how vital is the gift of forgiveness.


Alpha, England, & The Internet - There are now over 9,000 Alpha courses being run all around the globe

What is Alpha anyways? Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.  It is an introduction to the Christian faith which has seen extraordinary success in stimulating faith among those who are not churchgoers and has also given a new dynamism to existing Christians. 


What If I Stumble?...Mexico ‘98 

Those who have made the trip before and know what to expect, are not so naive.  They know that they receive more from the Mexican people than they could ever  give.


Bre-x Pirates Discover Canada

One of the popular myths is that Canadian history is dull and uneventful, that all the real action happens in the United States. 


Captain (North) Vancouver

North Vancouver District…North Vancouver City…West Vancouver… Vancouver City….How did so many local cities get a Dutch name like Vancouver?

Captain James Cook & Nicky Gumbel: English Explorers . . .

This article is the third in a trilogy of English Explorers that helped make Canada what it is today.

SIMON FRASER: More Than Just a University

191 years later, I give thanks to God for the perseverance of Simon Fraser who ‘ran with perseverance the race marked out for him’. (Hebrews 12:1)

David Thompson:Star-Gazer" . . .

one of the best things that ever happened to the famous BC explorer David Thompson was when a large log rolled from a sleigh and crushed his leg.

Sir Alexander Mackenzie the Scottish Bulldog . . .

Sir Alexander Mackenzie ranks as one of the most remarkable persons of North American wilderness history.

Queen Victoria & Sir James Simpson on Mother’s Day

As told in the delightful movie "Mrs. Brown", Queen Victoria had a great love for the Scottish Balmoral Castle.  The Queen actually preferred Scotland to England.

William Booth & Sally Ann on Father’s Day

Everyone nowadays loves the Sally Ann, the Salvation Army.  But such admiration was not always universal.  Violence and bloodshed was the order of the day  when William Booth first reached out to the down-and-out in East London.

STANLEY Park, Wayne Gretzky, and the STANLEY Cup

It is not just Wayne Gretzky but every hockey player who dreams of the moment when he might hoist the coveted Stanley Cup.

(Mount) Frederick Seymour The Forgotten Governor

To have the 3508-hectare Mount Seymour Provincial Park right in my backyard is such a blessing.

Strengthening Weak Knees

How are your knees feeling today?  Are you fit enough for The Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run, a challenging 30-mile foot race along the Baden-Powell Centennial Trail from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove.

St. Simon’s Youth to LA

The idea of taking 22 Highschool and college students and six working adults to Los Angeles to do missions work for 12 days may seem odd to some but not to those who understand Christ’s call to reach out to the world.

 Thomas Edison: Let There Be Light….

Thomas Edison changed his world before he even reached age 40.  His success in the fields of telegraph, telephone, phonograph, and the electric light were achieved between the ages of 20 to 39.  He continued inventing right up until his death at age 85.

Alexander Graham Bell: Inventing the Future

Like many Canadians, Alexander Graham Bell moved to the United States to get his big break, but always longed to return to the beauty and peace of Canada.


Welcome to the Year 2,000!  By the time you read this, the millennial fears about the Y2K bug affecting our planet will either be dismissed or realized.  In preparation for the unpredictable new millennium, I have been doing a three-part series on inventors: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and James Watt.

Sir Alexander Fleming: Countless Millions Saved

Countless millions have been saved physically through Fleming’s sacrificial work on penicillin. Countless millions have been saved spiritually through Jesus’ sacrificial work on the cross.  When is the last time that we thanked God for such amazing acts of generosity?

James Harrison Scottish Inventor of the Cold

Where would the Canucks and the NHL be today without artificial ice? Where would Coca-Cola and Pepsi be without the ice-cold ‘pause that refreshes’?  Where would your family dinner be ‘at’ without your trusty kitchen fridge?  How easy it has been for humanity to produce heat by fire.  Yet we have quickly forgotten how hard it has been for humanity to produce cold by any means.

The ‘J’ Word at Easter

Easter eggs, Easter baskets, Easter bonnets, Easter bunnies, Easter lilies!!!  Just as angels and reindeer stand for Christmas, so too eggs and lilies symbolize Easter.  For many of our families, neither Christmas nor Easter would be complete without a traditional family dinner.  Easter is a time of reconnecting and celebrating, a time of healing and new life.  Most everyone seems to love Easter.  Even the late Charles Schultz, inventor of ‘Peanuts’, got into the Easter mood with his well-loved movie "It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!".

Thank God for Mother-in-Laws

How often on Mother’s Day do we celebrate the gift of our mother-in-laws?  Marriage counselors tell us that there are three primary areas of stress in marriages: money, marital intimacy, and in-laws.  Mother-in-law jokes tend to express the ambivalent nature of this most important relationship.  On this Mother’s Day, I would like to state uncategorically that I am blessed with the gift of the mother-in-law that God gave me.


Over the years, my father-in-law has shown great wisdom in dealing with impossible situations.  When others give up, he keeps on moving faithfully forward.  I have experienced my father-in-law as someone who never stopped expecting the best from you.

Jesus at the Gym

Ever since I was rear-ended by a taxi on November 29th 1999, my body has been giving me signals that I couldn’t ignore.  My body has been saying in numerous ways: ‘Go to the gym.


During the last week of school, I found myself river-rafting through dangerous rapids near Squamish, BC.  I had been assigned by my wife to accompany my youngest son on his school outing.  My bottom-line assignment was to bring him back alive.

Basking on the Sunshine Coast

One day of sunshine in Deep Cove/Seymour is enough to make me forget all the other kinds of days.  Summer 2000 has been an amazingly beautiful season, perhaps one of the nicest summers in the last decade.

The Other Mexico

Mexico!  A country with stunning beaches, beautiful resort towns, full of tourists, and a very rich and colourful history. There is, however, another Mexico that most visitors from North America miss.

Blessed are Those Who Mourn

We live in a high-tech culture that gives us little time to really grieve.  In contrast to the speed of modern internet communications, grieving cannot be rushed.  The heart of ‘quality grieving’ involves a lot of ‘quantity grieving’.  Grieving takes a lot more time than many of us want to devote to it.


In the midst of multi-coloured Christmas lights on every neighbourhood street, he loves you. In the midst of Jim Carey’s ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’, he loves you.  In the midst of red-nosed Rudolph and the Christmas elves, he loves you.  In the midst of desperate Ski Hill ‘Prayers for Snow’, he loves you.

Breaking the Suicide Addiction

Did you know that suicide has become the No. 2 killer of teenagers in North America?  Suicide is a taboo subject that no one wants to talk about.  It may frighten us; yet it has to be faced.  In North America the suicide rate for male teens aged 15 to 19 has increased to 3 times the 1967 rate (2 ½ times increase for females).

Bill W. & Dr. Sam: 12 Steps to Freedom

With millions set free from the ravages of uncontrollable drinking, who among us cannot be thankful for the gift of Alcoholics Anonymous?  Many of us have friends, family, and co-workers who are alive and well today because of the miracle of the 12 Steps.

The Treadmill of Life

I am a ‘convert’ regarding the benefits of Rec Centre treadmills.  I feel healthier, stronger, and more peaceful inside.  I actually look forward now to doing the very thing that I dreaded.  Lifting weights, maybe.  Stretching, perhaps.  But working out on the treadmill, never!


I vividly remember my father coming home from work on Fridays, and calling out ‘TGIF!!’  Often such announcements would be followed by our whole family going out to celebrate at the White Spot restaurant.  The White Spot, like A&W, used to be famous for its tradition of eating dinner in one’s car.  No self-respecting Vancouverite would dream of eating fish and chips anywhere else.

‘Been Like a Mother to Me’

My mother will never forget the time that she opened up her Mother’s Day card and read the words: ‘You’ve Been Like a Mother To Me’

Like Father, Like Son

While celebrating Mother’s Day a month ago, I came across a pillow with an embroidered message saying: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’ve become my mother after all."  As we now celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday June 17th, many of us as men realize that we’ve ‘become our father after all’.

Essentially Uplifted

Trinity Western University, where we stayed, has been in the news a lot recently over the Canadian Supreme Court decision, vindicating by an 8-to-1 majority the right of TWU to stand for historic moral values.

Owen Scott, A Man Who Cares (North Shore News)

When I came to the North Shore in 1987, one of the first pastors that I met was Owen Scott, Senior Pastor of Valley Church.  Owen has been instrumental in helping bring biblical unity to the North Shore Church, particularly through the 19-year-old North Shore Clergy Prayer Group.  Pastors can easily become so busy that they get lost in their own little world.

No Health in Us …

I remember having lunch with another man who told me that, in contrast to women, being overweight looked good on men.  Perhaps this kind of rationalization explains why Canadian men are almost twice as likely to have a weight problem as women.

Thank God for the Red Cross!

Great organizations invariably are birthed from great people.  The Red Cross was birthed from the vision and drive of Jean Henri Dunant, who received the world’s first Nobel Peace Prize.

Lest We Forget…

For more than forty years, I have worn a poppy each November 11th.  It helps me remember and reflect on the great sacrifices by so many that we might be free.  It is so easy to take freedom and security for granted.  The horror of September 11th 2001 has reminded us that freedom and democracy are a precious gift from God that must never be treated lightly.  I wear a poppy ‘lest I forget’.

Joy to the World!

‘Joy to the World!’  Isaac Watts back in 1719 wrote the unforgettable Christmas Carol ‘Joy to the World! The Lord is come: Let earth receive our King’.  This Christmas, let joy fill our hearts, let the King fill our lives, let the baby Jesus fill our homes.

Why Pray when You can Fight?

Fighting makes us feel strong.  Prayer reminds us that we are vulnerable.  Fighting makes us feel in control.  Prayer reminds us to let go and let God.  Fighting feeds on anger and bitterness.  Prayer feeds on forgiveness and peace.

The Time is NOW! (North Shore News)

Last week, three generations of Hird men (Ted, Ed and James) visited a fascinating new TV Station.  We were welcomed with open arms and made to feel right at home as we toured NOWTV

The Heart of Valentine’s Day

Through attending a Marriage Encounter weekend, I have learned that one of the most romantic things that one can do on Valentine’s Day (and every day) is to write a personal letter to one’s sweetheart.

Cross-examining the Cross-word

Some people love cross-word puzzles.  Others get cross at the mention of them.  One of the puzzles that fascinates me is how often the cross is planted at the crossroads of everyday conversation.  Everywhere I look, I find cross-words.

Nothing Can Separate Us...

My family and I recently watched 'Tagged', a Canadian movie on CTV about  Jonathan Wamback, a 16th year old boy who was mercilessly bullied,  beaten and left for dead.

Two Years at the Gym

The YMCA and YWCA were birthed out of the realization that all three parts of us need exercising body, mind, and spirit.  There is anonymity at the gym that lets one silently pray without any one else really noticing.

Father of the Fatherless

When a prison chaplain once offered free Mother’s Day cards to inmates, they were all snapped up in minutes.  But when he offered free Father’s Day cards, there were few takers.  Sadly many young men and women today have grown up with little or no experience of a father’s love.

Dale Lang: a Man for Others

Dale’s courageous act of forgiving his son’s killer has inspired many across Canada to come and personally hear Dale Lang.

Fiddler on the Roof (North Shore News)

‘Fiddler on the Roof’, while turned into a 1953 play by Arnold Perl and a 1957 musical by Joseph Stein, was originally written by the world’s most famous Yiddish writer, Shalom Aleichem.

Sunny Deep Cove Days

I love sunny Deep Cove days!  One sunny day in Deep Cove is worth a hundred rainy ones.  The brilliant green trees, the sun on the water, the sense of being at home, all beckon us back to Deep Cove again and again.

My Fair Lady

I decided to watch one of the great classics ‘My Fair Lady’.  As I entered into the world of 19th century England, I found myself alternately laughing and weeping.  While ‘Road to Perdition’ left me feeling beat up, ‘My Fair Lady’ refreshed my soul.

Canada and Reconciliation: Hope or Fantasy??

‘Quebec Sovereignty within 1,000 Days!’, promises Premier Bernard Landry.  As someone who lived in Montreal during the time of Expo 67, I love the people and province of Quebec.  I love their flair and passion for life, their joie de vivre.  Canada would be a much weaker country without our francophone neighbours.

Mexican Road Trip

Away from television, work, and all of the other distractions I tended to engage myself in, as well as seeing abject poverty at a level I had never seen before, and hearing the gospel message presented clearly (without the fluff), I decided to become a follower of Christ.  That was four years ago, but I can wholeheartedly say my life has not been the same since that day in Mexico.

Colonel Moody & The Port Next Door

Each November 11th, we gratefully remember soldiers who have defended our freedoms.  How often have we given thanks for Colonel Richard Moody and the Royal Engineers who defended us in BC’s first war?

Away in a Manger

The inescapable season of Christmas is intended to be a lullaby, a lull in the storm of life.  So often we wear ourselves out trying to do Christmas right.

Thank God for Nurses!

Florence Nightingale is someone who we can all learn from. Nothing stood in her way. No inefficiency, no corruption, no bureaucracy could ultimately stop her from bringing healing to countless suffering people, particularly those impacted by war

Christmas (in Hindsight)  Reminds Me of My Cat.

The purr of the cat says you are loved.  No conditions or strings attached.  Not because you are rich or poor, nice or mean, but just because you are.

I Love You, I Love You, I Love You!

Valentine’s Day rolls around every February 14th, reminding us of this mysterious, intangible reality called ‘love’.

Remembering the Courageous Astronauts

On a typical Sunday, you might have found astronauts Rick Husband and Michael Anderson worshiping at 5,000-strong Grace Community Church in Houston, Texas.

Good news according to frodo

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.  “So do I,” said Gandalf, “ and so do all who live to see such times.  But that is not for them to decide.  All that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Friends on a Quest

Lewis and Tolkien formed an 'Inklings' group at Oxford in which they  read out and critiqued each other's manuscripts like 'Narnia Tales' and  'Lord of the Rings'.

Thank God for loving Mothers!

Where would we be without our mothers?  Mothers keep the world on track.  Mothers never stop caring.  Mothers never stop giving.

My Father the Family Historian
Father’s Day has been celebrated non-stop for the last ninety-three years!

God Keep Our Land Glorious & Free
In the midst of the meltdown of core values in Canada and other western nations, God is on the move, shaking and restoring the Canadian people.

Guess Whose Coming to Dinner
Who can forget Sidney Poitier in his ground-breaking role in the inter-racial movie ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Our Home & Native Land
What a wonderful experience it has been this summer to travel on the ‘La Danse’ tour  with 250 other Canadians from Montreal to Victoria!

Does the Truth Really Set Us Free?
Many people around us have given up on a search for truth.  It just seems too costly, too frustrating, too ethereal.  Many fear that the truth, if we can ever find it, will trap us with rules and regulations, turning us into slaves.

B.C. ‘Hanging Judge’ Begbie

Described as a ‘swashbuckling judge’, Chief Justice Matthew Begbie profoundly shaped BC.  Sir Matthew Begbie and his friend BC governor Sir James Douglas have ‘larger-than-life’ statues at the BC Parliament entrance.

Governor James Douglas: Father of BC

Douglas had little to work with in terms of men, money and materials; the only thing not lacking was Douglas’ determination.  Governor Douglas prophetically said: ‘It is the bold, resolute, strong, self-reliant man, who fights his own way through every obstacle and wins the confidence and respect of his fellows.

Saying No to Abuse

It takes courage to say ‘No’.  It takes courage to stand up against abuse.  Over the years, I have met many people in abusive situations who have paid a great price to eventually extricate themselves from the vicious cycle of manipulation and recrimination.

The 400th Anniversary of Samuel de Champlain & Sieur de Monts
Samuel de Champlain & Sieur de Monts gave to all of us the wonderful gift of French language and culture in Canada.  In very real terms, Champlain especially helped define who we are as Canadians.

Le 400ième anniversaire de Samuel de Champlain et Sieur de Monts
Samuel de Champlain et Sieur de Monts nous ont donné le cadeau merveilleux de la langue et de la culture française. Champlain, en particulier, a aidé à définir qui nous sommes comme Canadiens.

Samuel & Helene de Champlain: a 400-year old Canadian Couple
To most French citizens, Canada seemed distant and unimportant.  Even well-educated Parisians denied the value of Canada, sometimes dismissing it as another Siberia.

Samuel et Hélène de Champlain: un vieux couple canadien de 400 ans
La France a ignoré Samuel de Champlain pendant le majeur parti de sa vie. Pour la plupart des citoyens français, le Canada semblait loin et sans importance. Même les parisiens instruits niaient la valeur du Canada, lui accordant la même importance qu’à la Sibérie.

Welcoming the Newest kid on the Deep Cove Block
There is nothing that you are going through that has not touched someone else.  The beauty of being part of the family of God is that God has put something inside of you to pour into and strengthen others.  In the same way others will strengthen you, as you trust yourself to a group.  You, as part of the body of Christ, are very important and you have a specific part to play.”

What is the Passion Movie All About Anyways?
Billy Graham, who has been named by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 Heroes of the Century, comments that "The (Passion) film is faithful to the Bible's teaching that we are all responsible for Jesus' death

Louis Riel: Canadian Patriot?
Who was Louis Riel?  Was he a patriot or a dissident or both?

The Passion of Louis Riel
Before Riel died, he passionately prayed in his diary: “Jesus, author of life!  Sustain us in all the battles of this life and, on our last day, give us eternal life.  Jesus, give me the grace to really know your beauty!

Why on Earth Did He Die Anyways?
This Easter season, I would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to go see ‘The Passion of Christ’ movie for yourself.  Don’t let the naysayers hold you back from making up your own mind about it.  Don’t let fear paralyze your curiosity

‘La passion de Louis Riel’
‘La  première fois que j'ai reçu l'eucharistie sainte, je tremblais,’ a dit Louis Riel. Né à la rue Boniface (Winnipeg) le  22 octobre, 1844, le jeune Louis Riel a eu un esprit très sensible et passionné avec un manque de tolérance pour l’intimidation.  Selon Mousseau, « rien  ne l'a irrité autant qu'un abus de force contre le faible.

Qui était Louis Riel ? Était-il un patriote, un dissident, ou les deux ?
Louis Riel est né à Saint-Boniface (Winnipeg, Manitoba) le 22 octobre 1844, héritant de son père un mélange de sang français, irlandais et indigène, avec le français comme héritage dominant.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow I Love Ya Tomorrow…
The Annie musical was based on Harold Gray's "Little Orphan Annie" comic strip

Leaving & Cleaving
What does it take to make a good marriage, or perhaps to make a good marriage better?

Doctors make a difference. Prayer makes a difference.
There is no competition between medicine and prayer.  They fit together, hand in glove.

Golfing Religiously
A very intense business man went to the local doctor suffering from stress.  His GP said to him: “I have a simple solution for stress.  If you don’t golf, start.  If you do golf, stop.”

Tennis Anyone??
On our ‘Island Hall Parksville’ honeymoon twenty-seven years ago, my wife and I discovered that we love each other deeply, but tennis was not our secret to marital intimacy.

The Dangers of Turning 50
In his million-plus best-selling book ‘Abundant Living’, E. Stanley Jones presented a ladder for middle age, including the hidden pitfalls. Firstly, Jones said: “Watch for decaying enthusiasms and ideals.

What On Earth Am I Here For?
Discovering our purpose in life has tremendous benefits.  Knowing your purpose will give your life focus, clarity, and fresh motivation. Purpose always produces passion.  Nothing energizes like a clear purpose.

Doing Christmas on Purpose 
I discovered that all that joy at Christmas had a purpose: to make me more like Christ

...And a Happy New Year!! 
All of us need more joy in our lives. Joy is the secret of a genuinely happy New Year.

Go, go, go Joseph!
‘Joseph’ is one of those musicals that never seems to wear out, probably because of its theme of biblical proportions!

Remembering Nana
I was never successful in talking her out of using the “old-fashioned” Book of Common Prayer, and ‘getting with the program’.  Nana to me symbolizes the deep Judeo-Christian roots of our beloved Canadian nation.

Bill Good, Hockey, and a New Birth
Bill Good, a fellow North Shore resident, is undeniably one of the most, if not the most, popular Radio Talk Show hosts in BC.  I was privileged recently to be interviewed . . .

Seventy-Six Trombones Led the Big Parade!
One of the privileges of parenting is to cheer for one’s children in their various school musicals.

Trouble Right Here in River City
There are few things that thrill me as much as seeing young people pull together and put on a high-quality school musical.

Raising Up Timothys
As part of a book I am writing entitled “Battle for the Soul of Canada: Raising Up Timothys”, I am currently preaching my way through Paul’s letters to Timothy.

More Blessed To Give
ES Jones spoke of ‘the two greatest problems of life, namely, money and women’ (i.e. male-female relationships)

Howard Hughes the Tortured Aviator
One of the most fascinating and tortured movies I have recently watched is ‘The Aviator’, a look at the life of Howard Hughes.

Honouring Our Young Leaders
We don’t hear enough about the wonderful accomplishments of emerging, young leaders. In our ‘man-bites-dog’ media-saturated world, it is the ‘bad news story’ about youth that seems to get our attention.

Working Out at Parkgate
It is not enough to be physically fit, while letting our spiritual life go flabby.  Have you ever thought of the Church as God’s Gymnasium?

RG LeTourneau: Model of Generosity
RG LeTourneau once said: “You will never know what you can accomplish until you say a great big yes to the Lord.”

Say No to Fear
Paul is saying to Timothy, and to each of us: “Say no to fear. Don’t let anxiety crush your life.  Live life free and unfettered.”  At the heart of every addiction is the bondage to fear.

Breaking the Power of Shame
Breaking the power of shame is absolutely vital to living a free and healthy life.

Lt General Romeo Dallaire: Canada’s Unsung Hero
This November 11th I invite you to access Remembrance Day through remembering one of Canada’s unsung heros: Lt General Romeo Dallaire.  Recently named to the Canadian senate, Lt General Dallaire embodies the best of what needs to be remembered each November 11th.

Finishing the Race of Life
Are you running the race of life in such a way as to get the prize?

Always Winter and Never Christmas
This Christmas season, you will not want to miss the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ movie

Aslan on the Move in 2006
My prayer for those reading this article  is that each of us, like CS Lewis and Joy Davidman, may open our hearts to the mysterious Aslan.

Im On Aslan’s Side
Let Aslan bring you to life as you walk with childlike faith through the Wardrobe in 2006.

From Sea to Shining Sea
As our Canadian Charter of Rights so clearly states, “... Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law."

Tilley and Tupper Our Founding Fathers
Sir Charles Tupper and Sir Leonard Tilley remind us that God can use the most unlikely people in building a nation

Fanny Crosby: The World’s Most Prolific Songbird
I thank God for Fanny Crosby, the world’s most prolific songbird, who has shown tens of millions in every continent how to be ‘safe in the arms of Jesus’.

Only Five Problems
Dr. Gil summarizes the five problems of marriage as . . .

Fit for the Master
Lent and Easter is a great time to cleanse ourselves from anything that will keep us from being fit for the Master.

The Old Rugged Cross
After writing this hymn, George Bennard went on to travel and preach for another forty years..  Thanks to being chosen by Billy Sunday (the Billy Graham of those days), everyone began singing

Catharine Parr Traill: Pioneer Canadian Mother
Catharine Parr Traill is a pioneer Canadian mother who made a phenomenal impact on the life of our nation.

Catharine Parr Traill:
May Catharine Parr Traill’s deep pioneering faith and courage be an inspiration to a new generation of women and men who seek to break new ground in the twenty-first century.

Will the Real Leonardo Please Stand Up
Historical accuracy is not the strong suit of the Da Vinci Code fad. “We may safely conclude”, says Bishop Wright, “that the Da Vinci Code is fiction not just in its characters and plot but in most of its other details as well.”

Seven Deadly Challenges at the Weight Room
How is your work-out working out for you these days?  Studies show that many people who start at the gym with every good intention are nowhere to be found within a few months.

....Goes Before A Fall
What goes before a fall?   The Good Book says ‘Pride’.  “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs 16:18)  What is pride, anyway?

We're as sick as our secrets
Contrary to the claims of the Da Vinci Code, Christianity has no secret codes, no secret initiation rites, no secret vows.  Jesus said nothing in secret.  Jesus brought everything out in the open.  We really are as sick as our secrets.

The Gift of Gentleness
The Alpha Course goes back to Paul’s teaching to his protege Timothy that sharing our faith needs to be gentle, kind and gracious (2 Timothy 2:25).

Prophetic Words from Bonnie Chatwin
She cautioned me against falling into the ‘bait of Satan’ , that of taking offense, resulting in unforgiveness and bitterness

Battle for the Soul of Canada
‘Battle for the Soul of Canada’ is essentially about raising up the emerging generation of leaders in Canada

What Child is This?
What Child is this? Why do wise men still seek him?

Conquering the Mañana Disease in 2007
There is an old saying “Why do today what you can put off ‘till tomorrow?” Latin Americans have coined the expression “mañana disease”

Twenty North Shore Valentines
Husbands, let's surprise our wives on February 14th and make our family homes the most romantic spot on Planet Earth!”

Down in the Mouth in Deep Cove
Dentists want to make a difference in other people. Many are inspired by the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

Facing the Giants at Easter
Because Jesus destroyed the ‘Giants’ of death, fear, guilt, and shame on Easter Sunday, we too can live as over-comers.  Christ is Risen Indeed...

Honouring our Moms on Mother’s Day
Why does God want us to honour our mothers?  God knows that when we honour and love our mothers, everyone wins.

Thanking Father on Father’s Day
When Jesus was teaching his disciples how to pray, his very first words were ‘Our Father’.  He called God ‘Father’ 191 times in the Good Book

Greetings from Ontario
I have always loved books.  Most pictures taken of me as a child showed me reading books. I even read books at hockey games, at least during the intermission.

BC Gaining Strength
Thank you so much, North Shore, for believing in me and encouraging me to share my North Shore story over persevering through life’s challenges.

Curiously Safe
Alpha is curiously safe, a place where you can be yourself.

“Is There More to Life than This?
Why have almost a million Canadians already taken the Alpha Course?

Greetings from Saskatchewan
What a vast and wonderful nation that we live in as Canadians. What a wonderful treat to be able to take family members to explore the richest of this amazing gift called Canada.  I thank God as a loyal BCer that all of Canada belongs to all of us.

Transforming a Woman’s Soul
Heidi McLaughlin has been teaching women how to heal their brokenness and unleash their full potential and beauty by connecting with God.

More Blessed to Give
My challenge to each of us this Remembrance Day is for us to look for ways in which we can show our gratitude for the sacrifices made by others.

The Inescapable Christmas
This Christmas, I encourage each of us to make a spiritual journey that goes far beyond Christmas Commercialization.  May this Christmas be an encounter with the humble manger.

TAPS: Life after Death
What gives us hope for this 2008 New Year, as we have bid farewell to 2007?

Rediscovering Male Friendship
David shows how challenging it is to keep one’s head and marriage in today’s fast-paced business world.  Solid male friendships have been David’s lifesaver.  I strongly commend David’s book** for anyone on the North Shore who wants to retool their life and marriage

Greetings from the Windy City
I had been invited to take part in a two-day strategy session designed to help Christians and especially Anglicans learn to love each other more

Good Friday Goodbye
Jesus had to say goodbye on Good Friday before he could say ‘hello’ on Easter Sunday

“I Don’t Believe in God...” 
Alexandre Dumas lived through many French revolutions during which belief in God became distinctly out-of-fashion or even dangerous to one’s health. Dumas said in ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ that ‘the wretched and miserable should turn to their Saviour first, yet they do not hope in Him until all other hope is exhausted.’

<>Greetings from Crete
The resilience and deep faith of the Cretan people is a lesson to others facing difficulties in life. My prayer for those reading this article is that we would show the same resilience and faithfulness when we face life’s disappointments.
Sorry Not Interested
Sadly many young people feel disconnected from their fathers. Some have never known their fathers.  Many feel a longing for a close relationship with their dad, but fear that this is impossible. Will their father really be interested?<>

Laura Secord: more than just chocolates
Many Canadians associate Laura Secord with delicious chocolates. Few realize how strategic her life really was.  So often Canada ignores its heroes and heroines.

A Deep Cove Love Story
As a World War II ‘war bride’, Rita had three homes: England, Deep Cove and Heaven

Happy 400th, Canada!
When Americans celebrate their beginnings, they do it with great enthusiasm and patriotism.  Canadians often express more reserve and ambivalence.

Golfing with My Undertaker
Golf is now over 500 years old, having been played officially throughout Scotland since 1502. Most of the earliest references to golf were about attempts to ban it or to condemn the golfers

John A Macdonald: Nation-Builder 
Every time I spend ten dollars, I come face-to-face with Sir John A Macdonald, our first Prime Minister. May we all, like Sir John A. Macdonald, have the courage to change the things we can.

Walking the Line with Johnny Cash
I thank God for the late Johnny Cash’s recovery from serious addiction, and pray that all of us will have the courage to change the things that can be changed

Love Broke Through 
This Christmas, as you think about the simplicity of Christ in the manger, may love break through for you and your family members.

Six Thousand Days Later
I pray that each of us reading this article will learn to more effectively redeem our time and become better stewards of this sacred gift of our fleeting days.

Valentine’s Bliss
Valentine’s Day Bliss does not happen by accident. It takes real work and determination. Marriage is a gift from God that can revolutionize our lives, when we put our spouses first under God.

Saving Your Marriage for Lent 
Anything worth doing is worth preparing for, whether that is university education, marriage, or retirement.

Remembering Maplewood’s Lucy Smith 
Lucy was also a poet. She loved to write about the beauty of God’s creation.

“Timothy Leary would be 88” 
Today in 2009, being filled up spiritually is one of the best antidotes to the emptiness of drugs.

Courageous Women in Fearful Times 
This Mother’s Day, my heart-felt prayer would be ‘Wake up, Wake up Deborah! Come into your destiny and calling

Dollarton’s Very Own Robert Dollar 
“In this world all we leave behind us that is worth anything is that we can be well regarded and spoken of after we are gone, and that we can say that we left the world just a little better than we found it".

Can Anger Help Your Marriage? 
My prayer for each of us reading this article is that we will embrace the gift of anger, and learn to harness it for the good of our marriages and families.

The Irreplaceable Sandford Fleming
Where would Canada be today without dedicated engineers like Fleming?  Engineers have built Canada from the ground up.

Jesus loves me, this I know
One of the most well-known children's songs throughout the world is "Jesus Loves Me." Somehow that song, like "Amazing Grace," forms part of the spiritual memory banks of most adults.

Deep Cove Cancer Survivor: Sandra Crawford
Struck by cancer, Sandra Crawford, a born-and-bred Deep Cove/Dollarton resident, never let it defeat her.

More than Gold Olympic Passion
The Vancouver Olympics will come in like a storm and then be gone.  The Gold medals will soon be a distant memory. The lasting question is how your daily marathon is doing? Are you stretching each day towards the finish line?  Are you running the race of life in such a way as to get the prize? Life is truly about more than gold.

When the Saints Come Marching In
The Olympics has reminded us that it is fun to celebrate.

Marie-Anne Lagimodere
The most exceptional Canadian mother of the 19th Century was Marie-Anne Lagimodière .  Her favorite grandchild was one of Canada’s most famous leaders Louis Riel.  He was deeply influenced by the passion and courage of his dear grandmother.

Dr. James Naismith: Father of Basketball
I had no idea that basketball was invented by James Naismith, a Canadian on loan to the United States.  I was also unaware that basketball had deeply spiritual roots.

Chief Joseph Brant: Canadian Hero
Without the military and spiritual support of Chief Brant, Canada would have likely never survived.

The Publisher
In this time of great technological and cultural change, we can all learn from the relentless curiosity, inventiveness and missionary zeal of Publisher Henry Luce.

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