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Not just another cup of coffee but a link to a good readEl Nino - Singing in the Rain?
Amazing Grace?
Is Motherhood just an expression?
'I did it my way' but - 'is freedom just another word for nothing left to lose?'
Christianity Disproved as False . . .
Princess Diana's Death Not in Vain . . .
Medical Miracles in Scotland . . .
Bigotry, Prejudice, and Childbirth . . .
The World's Most Dangerous Mother's Day Present . . .
"Steps to Lasting Wealth"
All of us need 'Heart Surgery'
"Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man??"
'Letting Go and Lightening Up'
'Angry People Really Tick Me Off'
Can Lawyers Be Humans??
What does Alcoholism, Leprosy, and Mother's Day Have in Common??
"When Bad Things Happen To Good People"
Alpha-fever Sweeping the World...
Scouting is Alive and Well
Lasting Peace for Ireland and Israel
Hollywood North??
Child-rearing Secrets from Dr. Henry Wilson
To Mexico with Love...
Canada: Loved by Everyone but Canadians...
Tilting at the Marriage Windmill
He Who Laughs Last...
Toronto the Good: Mythology or Reality??
Dreaming Dreams and Blazing Trails
What in the World is the YMChristianA??
Winston Churchill the British Bulldog...
Baden-Powell and Winston Churchill: Heroes in a Cynical Age
Was Quebec & Canada a 'Shotgun Wedding'??
Pecos Higgins the Colourful Cowboy Poet...
Filth, Poverty, and Love
Does Cynicism Make Us Cope Better??
Expecting the Best from Our Teenagers ...
Is Ambivalence the Heart of Canadian Identity? I'm Not Sure...
Disposable Fathers in a Disposable World
Grandmas are a Precious Gift...
Sherlock Holmes and the Easter Murder Mystery
Disappointing My Father...
12 Steps to Sanity...
Is Marriage Going the Way of the Dinosaur??
One Crisis Every 18 Months
10 Different Specialists...10 Different Diagnoses
Fishing for Life Itself...
Why Do Relationships so Often Leave us Feeling So Helpless??
Not Even Communism Can Stamp it Out...
Hark the Herald Wesleys Sing
Yes to Spirituality, No to Religion...
Father of the fatherless on Father's Day
Is Bigotry an Incurable Genetic Orientation??
Do Automatic Garage Door-Openers Add to the Suicide Rate??
The Deification of Choice in B.C. Canadian Culture
Blood, Guts,and Gore
Honduras...More than just a Scuba-Diver's Paradise...
Is Star Trek More than Just Another 'Blast'??
Dr. Billy Graham in a Russian Synagogue??
Lord Baden Powell the Educational Revolutionary...
Scouting and Guiding Our Way into the New Millenium
Let Mexico Change Your Life For Good!
Only Open-Minded People Need Apply….
Queen Elizabeth I & The First Canadian Gold Rush….
Is It Fair to Blame Americans for the Survival of Canada??
Does Life Owe Me a Living??
The Stillness of Deep Cove Will Not Let Me Go…
What’s So Amazing About Grace??
‘Why Can’t Fathers Be Dispensed With and Done With??’
Why does a River Run Through Robert Redford??
‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas…’
The Stillness of Deep Cove Will Not Let Me Go…
Let The Sun Shine!  Let The Sun Shine on Me!
‘Why did Beethoven See Handel as The World’s Greatest Composer?’
Why Are Christmas Carols So Timeless in Their Appeal?
"Smelling the Coffee" at Christmas
Christmas Carols For Atheists??
Has Valentine’s Day Ever Broken Your Heart??
‘Olave Baden Powell and Madonna:  Female Role Models For Better or Worse…’
Rebuilding Community in a Fragmented World
Why is Lord Baden-Powell Still the Heart of Scouting??
The Underestimated Suffering of Males During Childbirth….
Peace Within,  Peace On Earth
Did Captain James Cook Spoil the Broth??
Why Do Self-Made People Tend to Worship Their ‘Maker’??
"I Will Never Forgive What He Did to Me…"
Did Humpty Dumpty Love Easter Eggs??
Don’t Wait to Tell Your Dad that You Love Him….
What can fill the Hunger for True Romance: Harlequin Novels or Mother’s Day??
Thanks, Mom, for always being there for me when I’ve needed you.
Is Mother’s Day Just a ‘Motherhood Issue’??
Is Frank Sinatra’s ‘I Did It My Way’ Your Theme Song As Well??
Say ‘No’ to the Disease of Busyness;  Say ‘Yes’ to Life
‘Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Man??’
‘The World’s Greatest Time Waster…’
Is Your Spouse A Mystery Too??
Who Invented "Jolly Old St. Nicholas..." Anyways??
‘Michelangelo and King David’s Big Nose’
Father’s Day is a Time for Healing and New Beginnings….
C.S. Lewis: Why is he More Popular than Ever Before??
Does Life Owe Me a Living??
Would You Rather Die Than Forgive That ‘Creep’??
Was David Thompson a Canadian Marco Polo??
Thank God for Bill W!!
‘Mothers are Human Too, says Latest Research’
‘Why Do So Many People Run From Love??’
What Do Winston Churchill and Sir Alexander Mackenzie Have in Common??
Was Queen Victoria Secretly Scottish?
'Pop Goes the Weasel'
Would You Baptize Your Loved Ones in the Stanley Cup??
Is It Time to Move BC’s Capital Back to New Westminster??
Be Good to Your Knees; You will Need Them Later…
Destitution in Downtown LA
Thomas Edison and the Canadian Brain Drain…..
Alexander Graham Bell, Helen Keller, and other miracles….
Calling All Engineers….
Why was Penicillin a Medical Cinderella??
Are the Scottish God’s Frozen Chosen??
Mother-in-Laws: No Marriage Should Leave Home without One
I Stole His Daughter
Was Jesus a Wimp?
Have You Experienced The Perfect Storm??
Feeling Guilty Over Not Burning!!
More Than Meets the Eye
Weeping for Pierre Elliott Trudeau
No. 2 Killer of North American Teens….
Yes to Easter; No to Good Friday??
Does Life Ever Seem like a Never-Ending Treadmill?
‘Who Needs Mothers Anyways?’
‘I’ll Never Be like My Dad!’
What in the World is Essentials 2001??
Morning Prayer at the Gym
Great organizations invariably are birthed from great people
Why do 13 Million Canadians Wear Poppies on Nov 11th?
Why is Christmas the High Holidays for Alcoholics?
Dying by The Sword??
Are TV and Telecommunications of the Devil?
Who was St. Valentine's Day Anyways?
Is Life to you like a Cross-word Puzzle?
Say No to Bullying!
How to Survive Your New Year’s Resolutions
All the Dads Raptured from Planet Earth??
The Most Famous Anglican Priest in Canada??
"For 25 Years I’ve Washed Your Socks…"
Where is the World is Deep Cove Anyways?
Why Did Daniel Pender visit Pender Harbour Anyways?
Will Quebec be Sovereign with 1,000 Days?
Can Visiting Mexico Actually Change Your Life??
Colonel Moody & BC’s First War
Christmas Lullaby for Baby Jesus

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