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Christianity Disproved as False...

Nicky Gumbel was a successful lawyer in London who was convinced that the Christian faith had nothing to offer him.  His impression of Christianity was that it was dreary and uninspiring.  His impression of many clergy was that they reminded him of undertakers.

Nicky thought that Christianity was also totally irrelevant.  He couldn’t see how something that happened two thousand years ago and so many thousands of miles away could have any relevance to him in modern life. Nicky was also convinced that the Christian faith was intellectually indefensible.  At age 14, he wrote an essay in which he tried to destroy the whole of Christianity and disprove the existence of God.  Nicky went through a phase when he enjoyed arguing with Christians, just for the pleasure of exposing their falsity.

Life is full of strange and unexpected turn-of-events.  One of those turn-of-events was that Nicky Gumbel became so convinced of the relevance and truth of Christianity that he even became an Anglican priest.  A few years before, the idea of becoming a pastor would have been the farthest thing from his mind, almost laughable.  And yet it happened...
How in the world did an atheistic lawyer end up as an Anglican priest and the founder of the 500,000 strong Alpha Course??
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