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Princess Diana's Death Not in Vain....

Campaigners against land mines, who recently received the Nobel Peace Prize, hailed a new ban treaty as a gift to future generations. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, approximately 60 to 100 million mines are still scattered throughout 69 countries. These weapons kill or maim more than 25,000 people a year --equivalent to a victim every 22 minutes. Thanks to the tragic death of Princess Diana, the evil effects of land mines are finally getting centre stage.

It is quite ironic that the most recent Nobel Peace Prize has gone to campaigners against land mines. A Nobel Peace Prize is worth over a million dollars, and is one of the world’s top awards. Yet the founder of the Peace Prize, Alfred Nobel, earned his multi-millions by selling armaments and explosives throughout the world. Alfred Nobel has been described as the Lord of Dynamite, because he both invented and named Dynamite, taking it from the Greek word ‘dynamos’, meaning ‘power’.

Question: How in the world could The 'Lord of Dynamite' become such the world's most famous Peacemaker? Click to find out more...


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