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"Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man??"

As we are preparing to enter the third millennium, people are beginning to rediscover that as men and women, we are equal but different. Too often equality becomes reduced to a sterile sameness, while in contrast true equality between the sexes involves a joyous celebrating of our very real differences. Men and women are so different that many authors are beginning to write books exploring this unique key to marital and relational satisfaction. We really do come from different worlds as men and women, be that Mars and Venus or just Seymour and Deep Cove. Best-selling author John Gray, in his book Mars and Venus in Love, quotes Ken and Judy who have learned to respect their differences as men and women, and not try to ignore or deny. them: "Ken and I went through the eighties when men and women were supposed to be exactly the same. Now we know that is not right; we found out that we werenít the same at all. But we also learned that one is not better than the other. Although we are different, his way is as valid as mine; I donít need to be fixed nor does he."

Gary Smalley, the best-selling author on relationships,has put enormous research in exploring just how male/female differences actually affect us. Smalley comments that"most marital difficulties center around one fact - men and women are TOTALLY different...virtually every cell in a manís body has a chromosome makeup entirely different from those in a womanís body." Dr. James Dobson says that there is strong evidence indicating that the Ďseatí of the emotions in a manís brain is wired differently than in a womanís.

Scientific research is now proving that men and women are radically different in many complimentary ways. Click to find out more...


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