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Lasting Peace for Ireland and Israel

While taking in my wifeís car for work on her brakes, Cec Kerr and I had another one of our many chats as he drove me back to my house. Driving down the Mount Seymour Parkway, Cec said to me: "I dialed into Jerusalem the other day. It was really beautiful. I canít understand though why all these different religions are always fighting." I said to Cec: "Well, have you ever heard the story about the new person who moved into a small Irish town in Northern Ireland? The key leaders in the town went to this stranger and said: ĎWe want to know: Are you Protestant or Catholic?í The stranger answered: ĎIím an atheistí. The town leaders replied: Ď Donít confuse us with religion. What we want to know is: Are you a Protestant atheist or a Catholic atheist?í

Very often, so-called religious conflict has little to do with genuine faith and spirituality. It has everything to do with local politics and power struggles. Historically Jerusalem is one of those hot spots that has been destroyed by invading armies dozens of times over the centuries. Being at the geographic crossroads of the middle East, Jerusalem has always seemed to be right in the way of the next Super-power on a rampage. No wonder that the bible says: "Pray for the peace (shalom) of Jerusalem". After receiving the WEB page from Cec for Jerusalem (, I dialed in and was actually able to send an e-mail prayer which I am told will be placed in the cracks of the Jerusalem Wailing Wall. This was my prayer: "I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the coming of the Messiah."

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