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To Mexico with Love...

As we crossed the border from San Diego into Mexico the memories of last year flooded back for 14 members of our team, but for another 28, the memories were just beginning. It is hard to explain the feeling when you see rich America on one side of the border and people living in a shanty town on the other side. All that is separating them from paradise is a 12 foot high fence. We saw hundreds of people peering over the fence, wondering what would life be like if only they had been born on the other side.

From August 16-26, 1996, 42 people (36 were under 25) from three different churches, St. Simon's Deep Cove, Sutherland Bible Chapel, and St. John's Shaughnessy, traveled down to a small Medical Clinic just outside of San Quintin, which is about 400 km south of the border on the Baja. The clinic is run by Mexican Medical Ministries. Mexican Medical operates 9 medical clinics in and around the Baja. These clinics are set up to provide medical and dental care, usually free, for the poorest of Mexico's poor.
In an age of self-centeredness and hedonism, what is it that led so many young people to give their summer in service of the poorest of the poor? Click to find out...


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