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Canada: Loved by Everyone but Canadians...

I bring you greetings from Mickey and Minnie! Having just driven thousands of miles to and back from Disneyland, I feel more grateful than ever for this beautiful land of Canada that we live in. The L.A. Freeways are an interesting modern metaphor for hell: they go on for ever, and there seems to be no way out. In returning to the Seymour/Deep Cove area, I was once again struck by the irreplaceable beauty all around us, the trees, mountains, and beaches, precious gifts from our Creator.

With all that we have going for us, you might think that Canadians would be among the most thankful and joyful people in the world. Yet we are often more known for our grumbling and our inability to resolve conflict. Edgardo Silvoso, a speaker from Argentina, said that one of the greatest strengths of Canadians is our gentleness. It makes us welcome in many parts of the world where other more aggressive nationalities are less accepted. Silvoso believes that our greatest weaknesses lie in the underbelly of our greatest strengths. The weakness hidden within our Canadian strength of gentleness, said Silvoso, is ambivalence. As Canadians, he said, we need to value our gift of gentleness, but add to that the gifts of boldness and decisiveness.

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