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Winston Churchill the British Bulldog...

When England was facing an impossible future in 1941, Winston Churchill gave the English people the courage to see their way through to victory. Canada has been through a rocky past year, barely surviving the Quebec referendum in one piece. More than ever before, Canada needs strong leaders with clear vision. Canada needs another Winston Churchill.

Churchill has been described as the greatest statesman of the 20th century. Others have called him the last truly great man of the western world. As Commentator Peter Graves notes, "His record of wartime heroism and peacetime leadership may never be equaled ..." Churchill was born into the privileged world of British aristocracy. His father, Lord Randolph Churchill was the youngest son of the Duke of Marlborough. His mother Jenny Jerome was the vivacious daughter of an American financier.

Churchill was a rising star in the Conservative Party at just age 26. He landed in hot water however for supporting free trade, at a time when the Conservatives were in a protectionist mood. Churchill then switched to the Liberal Party, becoming one of the youngest cabinet ministers ever. As president of the Board of Trade, he introduced many social reforms. Notably he eliminated sweat labour, set up labour exchanges for the unemployed, and brought in a nationwide minimum wage, along with compulsory meal breaks at work. Many people don't realize that the British owe their traditional tea breaks to Churchill!

Churchill was blamed for a disastrous WW1 military expedition to the Dardanelles in Turkey, which cost the British many lives and ships. Cold shouldered by his colleagues, he decided to fight on the Western Front. His front line heroism earned him a reputation as a real man's man. Churchill was then brought back into the Liberal Cabinet, until in 1924 he changed parties a second time. He returned to the Conservatives, becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer. But once again Churchill fell out of favour, and spent the next 10 years out of political office. Peter Graves commented that Churchill led a life of spectacular victories and spectacular failures. Even in serious setbacks, however, Churchill had an amazing ability to find something encouraging.

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