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Pecos Higgins the Colourful Cowboy Poet...

Pecos Higgins was born on the Gulf Coast of Texas in 1883. At age 6, some of his associates got him "dog drunk". While still small, he began to work on cattle ranches up and down the Pecos River. He only had 8 months of actual schooling, but became one of the most colourful cowboy poets in the history of the Wild West. After two terms in the Texas State penitentiary, Pecos was invited by the Miller Brothers in 1907 to join their "101 Ranch Wild West Show' on a tour of North America. and Europe. There he met numerous royalty, and was personally invited to have a drink with King Edward 7th of England. Unfortunately, Pecos Higgins drank enough whisky over the next few years to, as he put it, fill up the Texas Dam. He married and divorced 5 times, bootlegged, cussed, gambled and shot his way through half a century. He even devised his own six-shooter before anyone in Texas had seen one.

At age 71 Pecos ended as a battered, hopeless drunken wreck, lying abandoned in a deserted Arizona Ranch. The Christians that found him said that he looked as if every bone in his body had been broken. Through the practical caring of his new friends, Pecos met Jesus Christ on a personal basis, and was filled up inside with a new attitude of thanksgiving and joy. Pecos never lost that new attitude of gratitude over the concluding 16 years of his life. Here is how he described this new-found joy: "I feel now like I Imagine a little hound pup does -When his eyes first come open ... I'm as happy as a fed pig in the sunshine.

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