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Filth, Poverty, and Love

Walking down the alley ways of the camps, was like something out of a World Vision video. Row after row of corrugated metal shacks measuring about 10 x 10, the size of most of our bedrooms, were home for 5 10 people. When we thought of Mexico, we imagined Mazatlan or the over population of Mexico City; none of us envisioned the filth and poverty we would experience in these camps.

How is it that 16 young people from North Vancouver found themselves in such a place, and why would they want to be there? Most of what we hear about young people is that they are lazy, selfish and materialistic. During this trip however, we saw that young people are hard working, compassionate, willing to give of themselves, and willing to serve God.

We spent seven days at a medical clinic near the town of San Quintin on the Baja. Each day started at 7:00 a.m. with devotions, breakfast and a chapel service. For 34 hours in the morning, we did physical work on the clinic, (making and pouring cement, building a training centre for Pastors, hauling rocks, etc.). The early afternoon was a time to prepare ourselves for VBS (Vacation Bible School), which we did at one of the seven local camps. VBS would start around 5:00 and by 5:30, truck loads of children 10 and up came home from working all day in the fields.

Mexico has an amazing way of changing Canadian teens for life. Click to find out why...


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