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Expecting the Best from Our Teenagers...

It is near impossible to open a paper, listen to the radio or watch the T.V. without hearing horrible stories about what young people are doing. We are of the opinion that we need to start affirming our youth for the many good things that they do and recognize their accomplishments in our community and around the world.

For the past 10 months, 16 young people from two local churches, St. Simon's and Sutherland Bible Chapel, have been preparing themselves for a missions caravan to Mexico. Each young person has spent dozens of hours in study, training, prayer, fund raising, and planning, all for seven days of service in a town called San Quintin. San Quintin, while a town by Mexican standards, would be called a city here in Canada. The study and training has included learning about local Mexican culture, fostering and developing leadership skills and learning about our own spiritual growth and development.

The caravan is organized by and operated by Mexico Medical Missions. For over a decade now, thousands of youth from all over Canada and the USA have been going down to one of six sites in Mexico to help meet the medical, physical and spiritual needs of the Mexican people.

Thousands of teens are really making a difference in the lives of countless Mexican people. Click to find out more about this good news story...


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