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Disposable Fathers in a Disposable World

As Fatherís Day approaches each June, I am reminded afresh of how each of our hearts yearn for the Father. In this fatherless age, when many children are raised without a dad, the hunger for the Father seems to be increasing, rather than decreasing. The word orphan comes from the Greek word orphanos, which literally means to be fatherless or bereaved. A fatherless generation is a bereaved generation. Many of us have a seemingly bottomless grief within our hearts that even puzzles us. Fatherís Day reminds us that our grief may be that of an orphan, a son or daughter longing for their Father.

Recently I had the privilege of attending a sold-out play at the Burnaby South Theatre, entitled FATHERíS HOUSE. This local play, written by Brian Doerksen, has been such a phenomenal success that the songs have been made into a cassette tape, that is receiving rave reviews all around the world. The play begins with 20 year-old Anthony who is approached by a curious old woman named Nellie in a crowded Saturday morning mall. Despite her whimsical ways, she catches Anthonyís interest by handing him a card with his name on it. Nellie claims that she has a message from his Father. But Anthony is very cynical about this, not having seen his Dad for years since his parentsí divorce. As he opens this strange card, he hears a song that captivates his imagination: "son, you are my treasure...son, love beyond measure...fills my heart for you, my son....."

Why is it that despite all the disappointments and broken dreams, our hearts still long for the father's arms?? Click to find out more....


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