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Grandmas are a Precious Gift...

Motherís Day stirred up a favourite memory from my childhood: going on the Horseshoe Bay Ferry over to the Sunshine Coast, where my Grandma always served us freshly baked, hot apple pie. Grandma Hird baked some of the tastiest apple pies that Iíve ever eaten. But she always apologized about her apple pies, saying that the pastry didnít turn out just right, or that she hadnít baked enough pies for us. Our family usually needed to go on a diet for three weeks, just to recover from a weekend of Grandma Hirdís delicious cooking! Grandma always would tell us how fortunate she was to have such wonderful neighbours. She would comment on how caring and friendly they were to her. Whoever you were, Grandma Hird always made you feel special. With such a gift of hospitality, it was no wonder that so many young children in the neighbourhood Ďadoptedí her as their own grandma.

Even though she couldnít read a note of music, Grandma Olive was an excellent pianist. As her eyesight became worse and she went into a care facility, her greatest regret was that she couldnít play the piano any more, or bake apple pies for us. Grandma was such a loving person that she loved to give generously to others, and it hurt when she couldnít. When my family and I would visit Grandma in the nursing home, she used to give our 3 boys money to go to MacDonaldís. Sheíd say: "I so miss not being able to cook apple pies for you, like when Grandpa was alive." Grandma Hird really missed her husband since heíd passed away.

Grandma Olive didnít have an easy life. She had to quit school at age 15 to look after her 3 younger brothers. Her mother, who was an Ensign in the Salvation Army and knew William & Catherine Booth personally, had died suddenly in the 1918 flu epidemic. Her father was away overseas at war. So Grandma Olive had to function as "the mother" to her younger brothers for the next six years until her father remarried.

Grandma Olive went through enormous suffering and disappointments in her life, yet her spirit never turned bitter. Click to find out why...


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