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Is Bigotry an Incurable Genetic Orientation??

In our culture, the very mention of spirituality may cause people to quickly change the subject to discussing something safer like sports or gardening. Some of you reading this article may be feeling like clicking on another WEB page, because the word Ďspiritualityí makes you feel uncomfortable.  In this age of TV channel changers, many of us are well-skilled at switching things off.  Canadians, in general, are such polite people that it is not always easy to notice when we are being close-minded.  Sometimes we hide our close-mindedness behind the polite phrase: "No thank you...not interested". What Iíve been struck recently is that God is deeply interested in all people, even those who have no interest in God.  God cares for those who donít care about God.  God loves those who wish that God didnít exist.  God is open-minded towards those who are close-minded to Him.  When Jesus died on the cross, he died especially for those who want nothing to do with him.  If you are still reading this far in the article, you must be a very open-minded person.

I once heard an interesting definition of a fanatic: someone who wonít change their mind and wonít change the subject.  William Lyon Phelps once said: "The human mind should be like a good hotel: open the year round."  "Only fools and dead people donít change their minds, said John II Patterson.  "Fools wonít.  Dead people canít."  Most people in our culture see themselves as open-minded and willing to listen.  Few would describe themselves as closed-minded bigots.  Most of us, however, could probably think of someone who comes across as a closed-minded person.  It seems that closed-mindedness is like bad breath.  Even your best friends wonít tell you that youíve got it.

In my visiting people over the years, Iíve noticed that everyone is an expert on the bible and about who Jesus really is.  It is amazing the number of people with very fixed views of the bible and Jesus who havenít opened a bible since Sunday School days or have never opened the bible at all.  I have met hundreds of people who tell me with great conviction that the bible is full of errors and contradictions.  I love to chat with people, so I gently ask them to show an example.  In most cases, these same people are unable to point to any specifics.

Why is it that so many people are convinced that the bible is full of holes, when they haven't even investigated the source documents for themselves?  Click to find out more...


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