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Blood, Guts,and Gore

When many people think of youth, the first that comes to mind is the tragic increase in senseless violence and destruction.  Violence seems to be the continual message that young people are hearing about how to really enjoy your life.  Many high-tech video games like Streetfighter and Mortal Combat are encouraging kids to get their thrills by fantasizing  about the decapitation of another person.  Some video games even portray the ripping out of another personís heart, with blood spurting all over the place.  Many Rock Videos shown on  TV nowadays glorify the mixing of sexual promiscuity with physical violence.  All of us hear through the media when teenagers kick someone to death, or knife someone over the border.

How often do we hear about the good things that  are happening among young people?  Ken Bell, who has been working in the Seymour/Deep Cove area for the last  3 1/2 years, is part of the good news about young people.  Back in 1991, I wrote an article in the Deep Cove Crier  entitled "Meet Ken Bell".  Now as of this fall Ď94, we have moved Ken Bell from a part-time Youth Worker position to a full-time Youth Worker position.  Ken has just graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelorís Degree in Criminology.  As part of his Criminology involvement,  Ken has led teams of young people and adults from Seymour/Deep Cove to visit the Willingdon Youth Detention Centre.  These teams have played basketball once a month, held Christmas and Easter Services in conjunction with the Chaplain Fr. Bill Ferris, and brought in special Christmas gifts like Rice Krispie Squares for residents who might otherwise be forgotten.  All this was a way of showing the love of Jesus for teens who may have known little other than rejection and violence in their lives.

Ken Bell is a person with a real heart for hurting and searching teens. Click to find out more...Another Coffee from the October 1994 Deep Cove Crier


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