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Honduras...More than just a Scuba-Diver's Paradise...

Three long-term Deep Cove/Seymour residents just came back from a very memorable trip to Honduras in Central America. Where exactly is Honduras, you might be wondering? Honduras is an Central American country, bounded on the North by the Caribbean Sea, on the east and south by Nicaragua, on the southwest by El Salvador and on the west by Guatemala. It has a short stretch of southern coast on the Gulf of Fonseca with a small port, Ampala. In area, Honduras is 43,277 square miles. Over 80% of the land is mountainous. In the east are the trackless swamps and rain forests of the Mosquito coast. Off the north coast of Honduras are found the Bay Islands of Froatan and Guanaja, a scuba divers' paradise.

Honduras has a variety of climates due to its location in the tropics and its varied topography. The northern coastal zone is always essentially hot and humid; the central mountainous region is cooler and dryer. Two seasons are shared by the entire country: the somewhat cooler rainy season, June to October, and the warmer dry season .

Honduras' economy is based on agriculture, bananas being the most important crop and 50% of all exports. In 1899, with the advent of shipboard refrigeration, two American companies bought up tens of thousands of farmland acres, converting them to bananas for export to the U.S. Other crops are beans, rice, corn and sugarcane. There are rich forest resources and deposits of gold, cadmium, antimony and copper but these are underdeveloped because of inadequate road and rail systems. Food processing is the major industry, followed by lumber, chemicals, clothing and cement. About half the population (about 90% mestizo) is illiterate. The present population is five and a half million, 66% of whom still live in the country as peasant farmers, often using horse-drawn carts. 650,00 live in the capital of Tegucigalpa.

What is it that motivated three rather naive Canadians to travel to Honduras for almost three weeks?  Click to find out why...


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