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Let Mexico Change Your Life For Good!

For each of the past four summers St. Simon’s Youth group has traveled to Mexico for a Missions trip.  Each year some people return, and each year new persons make the trip. Each year we go down with the same intentions.  For those people making their first trip, they believe they are going to help and reach out to the poor Mexican Indians, at least in some small way.  Those who have made the trip before and know what to expect, are not so naive.  They know that they receive more from the Mexican people than they could ever give.  Each year though we all end up looking and feeling naive because God has a different plan for us than we could ever expect, and this year was no exception.

As in past years the format of the trip was the same.  The organization we go to Mexico with is called Mexican Medical Ministries.  They have about 12 medical clinic sites in Mexico where they provide for both the physical and spiritual needs of the poorest of Mexico’s poor, mostly the Mexican Indians.  We visit Clinica La Esperanza in San Quintin, which is about 250 km south of San Diego.  At the clinic we spend our mornings doing physical work, our afternoons doing Vacation Bible School for the children in one of the near by worker camps and our evenings doing film ministry in another one of the camps.  The conditions of these camps are something right out of a World Vision video and are unbelievable, but this is not what our story is about.

 Our story is about how God uses these opportunities to take our world apart and reveals Himself to us.  In the Bible, James chapter 4 tells us "Come near to God and God will come near to you."  In other words the closer we get to God the more He reveals Himself to us.  This is exactly what happened to all 35 people on our trip.  We were taken out of our comfort zone, removed from the distractions of work, TV, current events, all the business of our daily lives, and for one week we were able to get close to God without distraction.

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