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Why have an estimated 600,000 to 700,000 people taken the Alpha course in the past 6 years?  Starting in 1992 with just 5 Alpha courses,  there are now over 9,000 Alpha courses being run all around the globe.  Since more than 5,500 churches in England offer the Alpha course, Alpha is now available within walking distance from any person in Britain.  This September, England will be seeing the launch of a National Alpha Initiative which has the focus of inviting every person in England to consider attending an Alpha Course. .  The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, the world leader of the Anglican Communion, said: "As someone who has strongly supported the growth of Alpha over recent years,  I was delighted to hear about the National Alpha Initiative this September.  I hope that through it, many people up and down the country will take the opportunity to discover more about Jesus Christ and his relevance for our lives today."

What is Alpha anyways? Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.  It is an introduction to the Christian faith which has seen extraordinary success in stimulating faith among those who are not churchgoers and has also given a new dynamism to existing Christians.

Recently my family visited England for a Pre-Lambeth Leader’s Conference and Retreat.  During that time, we were privileged to attend Holy Trinity, Brompton, the birthplace of the Alpha course.  It was exciting to see how this course has wonderfully transformed a church and is giving new hope to hundreds of thousands around the globe.  Nicky Gumbel, the International Alpha Leader, was privileged to speak about the Alpha course to the 753 Anglican bishops meeting recently at Canterbury for the Lambeth ’98 Conference.  Great enthusiasm was shown by many bishops who are introducing Alpha to their various dioceses around the world.  While at Holy Trinity Brompton, it was exciting to see the energy and joy of the various Alpha leaders gathered there from all around the world.  My wife and I most appreciated being prayed for along with the several hundred other international Alpha leaders.

Just what is it about the Alpha Course that has captured the interest of 700,000 people on every continent of our globe?  Click to find out more…


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