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Another Coffee from June 1992 Deep Cove Crier 

ĎWhy Canít Fathers Be Dispensed With and Done With??í

More than ever before, in this dog-eat-dog world, fathers need to be reminded how much they mean to each of us. Fatherís Day, each Third Sunday of June, is an annual opportunity to tell our Dads that they are especially special to us. Fatherís Day was invented in 1910, just 3 years after the kickoff of the enormously popular Motherís Day. The local Clergy Association in Spokane, Washington, with the assistance of Mrs. John Bruce Dodd, were the first to set aside the 3rd Sunday of every June to pay tribute to fathers.

Why are Dads so significant in each of our lives? Dads are significant, because they represent the world beyond, the unknown beyond the motherís arms, the halfway house from childhood to adulthood. At the very point where teens are rebelling hardest against their motherís values, fathers can represent a source of transitional security. When there is no father to serve as a bridge into adulthood, adolescence can be a doubly scary time. DADS, you are needed ... DADS, you are special,.. DADS, we appreciate how much you have given to make your families strong.

What is it anyways about Dads that makes them so irreplaceable??
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