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Another Coffee from the Deep Cove Crier August 1993 

Why does a River Run Through Robert Redford??

I have been receiving rave reviews from my friends and relatives about the movie A River Runs Through It. Itís hard to find a really good movie that the whole family can watch together, without exploitive sexuality and violence. I have gone several times to the video stores recently only to discover that once again the River Runs Through It video was already booked out. The last time I tried to rent it, the person behind me broke into spontaneous praise about the "Riverí video. Once I finally was able to rent a copy, I too joined the ranks of the enthusiastic "River" boosters. The movie is directed by Robert Redford and the star of the movie "Norman" looks remarkably like a junior Robert Redford. It is set in the Midwestern United States of the 1920ís. Its breathtaking scenic shots are reason enough as to why this movie was an Academy Award winner in 1992.

The movie begins by having the elderly Norman recall his fatherís words:
"Someday when you are ready, you might tell our family story. Only then will you understand what happened and why." An intriguing feature of this movie is that all the meaningful statements are deliberately understated in a way that provokes curiosity. For example, Norman commented: "in our family there was no clear line between fly fishing and religion." Norman doesnít really explain what he means, Instead he just teases your imagination, and then moves on. The symbol of life at its best was "the river running through." Again and again, as tragedy and setbacks hit the Maclean family, they seemed to find solace and refreshment by returning to their family river, the big Blackfoot. As the movie put it, "Beneath the (river) rocks are the words of God. Listen ... and if Paul and I listened very carefully all our lives, we might hear those words."

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