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Another Coffee from the December 1988 Deep Cove Crier

‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas…’

As a child, the most exciting time of year for me was Christmas time.  Naturally, presents decorated in beautiful green and red satin paper were what I looked forward to. My brother and I would carefully count the presents under the tree to see who had more! Obviously, we thought, the other person had more. And then! Christmas Day the biggest, most expensive present was the one we liked the best. Now, of course, I realize that it really is the thought that counts and not the price tag.

Decorating for Christmas was always a wonderful time in our house. First we would go buy a real tree at the tree lot, set it up in the window, and start decorating. Not only did we decorate the tree but my dad also put miniature lights around this huge mirror and set up the angels dancing around the candle chimes. My little brother’s eyes would glow when we turned off the normal lighting and just left the Christmas lights on in the living room. What a beautiful sight!

As I got older, Christmas seemed to lose some of its specialness until one day I re-discovered the true meaning of Christmas.  Click to find out more…


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