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Another Coffee from the December 1990 Deep Cove Crier

 Christmas Carols For Atheists??

When I was fifteen years old my friends and I went Christmas Carolling door to door to raise money for the Vancouver Sun’s "Stocking Fund".  We were an unlikely bunch to be Christmas Carolling. My best friend was a self-processed atheist from a family of atheists ‘ my other two friends were Jewish, and I was a lapsed Anglican who skied on Sundays at Mount Seymour. We vigorously sang the Christmas Carols and raised a lot of money. But I for one, never stopped to really listen to the words.

I have always loved Christmas Carols, but I find that year after year, the carols become more special and meaningful to me. I no longer just love the familiar tunes. I love the words as well, and the Christmas message behind it. Webster’s Dictionary defines a carol as:

  1. A song of joy, rapture or gladness; as, the carol of birds
  2. A hymn of praise, especially in honour of the Nativity (birth of the baby Jesus).
The word "carol" is derived from the Medieval Latin "chordula" which means a dance to the flute. The word "carol" can be broken into two original Greek words: choros = dance and dulos = flute. I cannot think of a better word to celebrate my joy at the birth of the "Lord of the Dance".

What is it about Christmas Carols that seems to touch almost everybody, even sometimes atheists?
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