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Another Coffee from the February 1989 Deep Cove Crier

Has Valentine’s Day Ever Broken Your Heart??

I will always remember Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 1967 back in Grade 7. My best friends celebrated Valentine’s Day by having each of us name the 10 girls we liked best in order (1-10). Having only recently recovered from the "girl avoiding" phase, I felt rather hard pressed to name 10 girls I liked best, (especially as there were only 15 girls in our class). So by the time I’d named the 10th girl, I was really scraping the barrel. I figured that the girl that got No. I position really deserved something special on Valentines Day. So I bought her a big heart shaped box of chocolates.  She was in shock, also delighted. I also invited her to our June Grade 7 graduation dance, which she accepted. Love however can be fickle, so by the time of our dance, one of my "best friends" had taken my girlfriend and squeezed me out of the picture. It was a disappointing end to Valentine’s day 1967!

Where does Valentine’s Day come from anyway? It’s official title is Saint Valentine’s Day. The celebration of February 14th appears to refer not to one but two Valentines. The first Saint called Valentine was a Roman Priest martyred on the Flaminian Way under the Emperor Claudius around 269 A.D. The second St. Valentine was a Bishop of Terni in Interamna, who was taken to Rome and martyred, and whose remains were later conveyed back to Terni.  Scholars speculate that the "Courtship" association with St.  Valentine’s Day may perhaps be connected either with certain customs of the pagan fertility rites of Lupercalia, or the natural season.

So we can see that St. Valentine’s Day has a rather muddled history. But the most enduring focus for St. Valentines Day is that of love.  All of us need more love in our lives.  Click to find out where lasting love can really be found…


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