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Why is Lord Baden-Powell Still the Heart of Scouting??

One of the most distinguishing marks of our Deep Cove/Seymour area is the Baden-Powell trail, named in honour of one of the greatest ‘trailblazers’ of the 20th century.  Baden-Powell blazed many new trails in the areas of physical education, character-building, spiritual growth for youth, and peace-making.  Baden-Powell (B.P. as he is affectionately known) hardly knew his clergyman/headmaster father, as he died when B.P. was only 3 years old.  Being raised without a dad gave him a keen appreciation of the need for boys to have healthy male role models. B.P.  took little interest as a boy in school, preferring to act in school plays and explore the woods around his school.  At age 19, he joined the Army where he served in India, South Africa, and the Mediterranean.  From his Military scouting and reconnaissance experience, B.P. wrote a book entitled Aids to Scouting.  It was published in 1899, just as he was becoming a well-known hero through bravely defending the South African town of Mafeking for 217 days.

Upon his return to England in 1903, B.P. was dismayed by the apathy among English young people: "thousands of boys and young men, pale, miserable specimens, smoking endless cigarettes, numbers of them betting."  As a result, he wrote a second book in 1908 entitled Scouting for Boys (the third best-seller in the world after the Bible and Shakespeare).  Within a year, over 100,000 boys had already enrolled as Scouts.  Within two years, his sister Agnes, and then his wife Lady Baden-Powell, began the parallel Girl Guiding movements.  Today, 83 years later, there are 17 million Scouts world-wide, with around 250,000 in Canada.  In our own Seymour/Deep Cove area, there are 253 boys in Scouting (Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts) and 500 girls in Guiding (Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders).

What is it about Scouting/Guiding that has caused these movements to last when so many other youth fads have come and gone??  Click to find out why….

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