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Another Coffee from the March 1990 Deep Cove Crier

"I Will Never Forgive What He Did to MeÖ"

The famous public speaker Charles Spurgeon once said:
"Forgive and Forget. When you bury a mad dog, donít leave his tail above the ground:í If you are like me, you were taught as a little child by your parents to say you were sorry when you hurt people and forgive when they hurt you.

Everyone in Canada has probably been taught this and knows this to be essential to daily living in our family, our work place, and at school. We all believe this intellectually, but when someone really hurts us deeply and unfairly, itís really hard to do.

They say that it is usually easier to forgive an enemy than a friend. Why is this so? I know from personal experience that I can hurt my wife and children (often unintentionally) far deeper than my acquaintances. I often forget that itís the little things that really make a wife feel appreciated and loved. I believe that there is no one that we both hurt and love more than our families. Only daily forgiveness and repentance (saying youíre sorry and changing your behavior) can keep todayís struggling families together.

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